websites for comprehensive review? anyone?

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    I am going to take nclex by the end of may. I graduated 2010 in the philippines. I tried answering question in the 3500 free nclex questions website and i score within 50 - 65 %... Bad sign, right? I really think i need comprehensive review. Any suggestions?
    Oh im actually looking for free website where I can read or listen to stuff such as youtube. I don't have the funds yet for review classes. This is my first time taking the nclex and i decided to do it myself first. I am taking my chances, and really doing my best.

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    thank you
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    hello kababayan,

    I'm not really sure if there are any available websites that give a full comprehensive review, but you can try He gives a good patho on major topics that will most likely be on the nclex.

    hope this helps
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    R u from new york?
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    hi.. no.. im in texas. but im a foreign nurse, from Philippines
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    Try ncsbn learning extension
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    hey im from texas too. where are you from in texas?
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    Hi i'm from Phil. too.. try ******** girl, i just saw it recently, it has discussions of nursing topics
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    hi.. im currently in houston, tx.. are u near houston? when are you taking the exam?

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