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So I took my NCLEX this morning and about 50 minutes in, my screen shut off with 75 questions. I honestly don't know how I feel about it! I felt like I didn't answer any of the questions correctly and when I came home I did the... Read More

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    Update: I took my Boards this weds and yesterday around 4pm my name is up on the BON site!!! The PVT is true!!! I'm so happy!

    I wish for the best for all of you still waiting for results

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    Firm believer! NCLEX-PN shut off at 85q...Good Pop-up PASSED! NCLEX-RN shut off at 75q Good Pop-Up PASSED!!!!
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    I tested in Anaheim, Ca
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    Congrats sunshinebear336!!!
    Quick update if you took NCLEX and its been 48 hours and BRN didnt post lic number. Call them the board is still waiting on our transcripts. Might be the case for everyone else too. I asked about my intern permit still be active. They stated until lic number is release it is. I am hoping this is a real good sign. I had the good pop-up
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    I took mine yesterday. It shut off at 109, I got the good pop-up too! I hope it still works!!
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    I passed!!! Pearson trick worked!
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    I took my NCLEX-PN this morning (2/7/2013). My computer shut off at 85 questions (the minimum) I left there, opened my car and started crying because I felt lost the entire exam. I had about 20 select all that apply, about 30 mental health assessment questions, a few maternity/pediatrics and a couple pharmacology. I felt like I was in SVT the whole time HAHA! I got home, didn't want to check, but I did and GOT THE GOOD POP-UP!!!!!! I really hope this is accurate! I live in NC so I have to wait 2 business days before I can check my unofficial results. I am so anxious!!!! I don't know why they can't just give us our results now?!? I did the HURST review and live lecture in addition to Kaplain.
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    Oops I forgot to update: I passed! PVT worked for me! Congrats to everyone!
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    Hello everybody, what does it mean when it gives me a pop up ".....results on hold" worried took my boards today and tried the trick.
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    They are reviewing your test.

    The pop-up only works when it says status delivered.
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