Took NCLEX yesterday...GOD help me I am about to pull my hair out!

  1. 0 Hello all!! This is my SECOND, yes, SECOND time to take the wonderful NCLEX. Two months ago I took this exam for the first time. Walked in somewhat nervous, but okay overall. My computer shut off at 75 and everyone, including myself, was screaming YOU PASSED!!! Well my board of nursing was screaming the tune of, YOU FAILED!!! So, needless to say, I had to take the exam again. So yesterday, I am throwing up (literally) on my way to the exam. I am LATE because I cannot stop throwing up. Well, I finally make it in and it takes me 2 1/2 hours to answer 75 questions. I mean I am going TURTLE slow here. After I see question 77, I opt to take a break. Well, I come back from break only to have my computer shut off at question 88! I have never heard on ANYONE having 88 questions (pass or fail). I had soooo many SATA, infection control, and medication questions that I could have died right there. I had like one SATAs on my previous exam and about 20-30 on this one. I am so scared to do the pearsonvue cheat thing and my state does not participate in the quick results. Could anyone PLEASE give me their opinion about how I did this second time around? I am praying that there is some way that I passed. Much love and many Blessing to you all!!!!
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    Trust in the Lord. if it is his will, you will pass.
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    No doubt it is his will for you to pass. Your nerves were a wreck I see. To ease yourself, do the pearson vue trick. I pray you pass. I believe the pearson vue trick will alleviate your fears and worrying. You deserve kudos just for being able to take the test. I congratulate you.
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    I recently took the NCLEX as well and had at least 15 medication questions and probably that many SATA. The computer shut off at 75 and I was CONVINCED I failed, especially because my last question was on a medication I was clueless about! But thankfully I passed.

    It seems like the harder you feel your test went the better your chances are of passing because your answering questions that are at the harder level. (which is good)

    I think with the NCLEX it is almost impossible to predict how you did, and most everyone feels like they failed when they walked out of there. It truly doesn't matter how many questions it takes you because as long as your getting questions you are able to prove your knowledge.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I'm sure you did GREAT!!! And I also hope that you can get your results ASAP because there is nothing harder than waiting.

    Good luck again
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    Thank you guys so much for words of encouragement. I just checked my test result status on my nursing board's website and it is still pending. I am really thinking about doing the pearson thing, but feel nervous about it either way.
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    Check it! why not? I believe you passed. I believe in you.
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    Lots of difficult questions is a good sign.
    Number of questions means little.
    Do the PVT to find out if you passed so you can relax.
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    My the trick. I know I'll be scared crapless when it comes my turn in a couple of weeks. But I'm sure you all will talk me into it
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    I DID IT!!!!!!!!! I got the good pop-up!!! THANK YOU GOD IN HEAVEN and thank everyone for your words of encouragement!!!!! I still want to see those "official" results, but I am crazy happy about this anyway!! Thank you all again!!!
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    congrats!!!!!!!!!I am really happy for you.i am taking it soon for the second time;heaven knows i really want to pass this test and get it over with.Please send your prayers and goodluck my way too.Again,congrats!
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    Quote from Prayersworks
    congrats!!!!!!!!!I am really happy for you.i am taking it soon for the second time;heaven knows i really want to pass this test and get it over with.Please send your prayers and goodluck my way too.Again,congrats!
    I will be praying!! When do you take it again??
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    Did you know any of the meds on there....I feel like everyone is saying that they have gotten a lot and haven't heard of any of them (but still passed)....can you tell I'm panicking about Thursday? lol

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