took nclex twice at 265 questions and failed. HELP!

  1. I took the nclex-rn the first time with just the saunders review and failed at 265 questions. I decided to get the kaplan review and did everything that they told me to do. I did all the questions in the q-bank and took all 7 test trainers along with studying saunders again. I thought i was doing well with that too. Took nclex, got 265 question and failed again. I plan to retake the nclex for the 3rd time but I dont know how I should prepare for it now. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Study as if you had never tested before. Go over all of it. Again. Use either of your resources, both, or a new one. Keep at it. You will pass.
  4. by   Minnesota32
    Hi! I failed boards on the 12th and I'm scared to death to take it again!!!!! I have registered all over again and I'm waiting for my ATT then I will reschedule. I have to wait 45 days of my last test date. I'm looking for ideas on how to beat this test!!!! I studied Kaplan and I studied Saunders, and I ended up with 265 questions. My friend borrowed me her ATI books however I'm scared and confused on how deep should I study or would I be better off doing nclex questions, or taking a expensive reveiw coarse!!!???? If anyone has any ideas please HELP me!! I'm nervous and scared to retake this test, but I'm determined to successfully suceed at it and begin my carrer!!!!! Any advice would be great. Thanks guys!
  5. by   Pedsnurze
    start from begin and don't ever give up. Remember your creator
  6. by   dontra07
    God Bless to All NCLEX takers!!! You can do it!!! me taking it mid feb.. :-)
  7. by   boisern84
    It's quite simple clear your mind and forget about the past. Don't get caught up doing alot of questions or focusing on predictor scores. Study the content and make sure you have mastered that before you start doing a lot of random questions. You can pass this exam, you just have to prepare properly.
  8. by   Minnesota32
    So Im debating if I should take the Kaplan online class or Hurst reveiw. However before I shell out the bucks I wonder if anyone has any advice or experience with the reveiw coarses??
  9. by   glam
    Hi, my heart goes out to you for I also failed the nclex on the first try. The reason, I should have rescheduled it due to me having mouth surgery the day before. So on October 17, 2010, I went into the test still high off loratab. I got 265. So, I knew that I was having variability. When I walked out, I knew that I failed. So, I decided to continue to study the same way that I studied the first time but minus the surgery. I did well on test in nursing school and scored in the 98% on the Hesi. What I would encourage you to do first is to make a calendar. The Prentice Hall Nursing comprehensive Reviews and rationales book has a calendar in it based on 45 days of prep time. It is awesome and the book is as well. I went through this entire book cover to cover. I also have the Saunders 4th edition Questions and Answer Review by Linda Anne Silvestri. This book is amazing and the CD that comes with it has all of the type of nclex question formats on there. It is definitely tailored like the ideal test. I would encourage you to have this book on hand it has over 4000 plus questions in it alone. I also have the Saunders 4th edition comprehensive review book by Linda Silvestri. This book is ideal for giving you the basics and a review of what you may have forgotten. I divided the sections in the book up by content and studied just like I did when I was in school. So I used all of these three books for the first 30days of study and focused on the areas that I was weak in; being ob and peds. Then the last 15 days of study, I made a list of things to know like labs, infection control gear, burn diagram, Acronyms to remember, and pharm. The last 7 days of study I put all books away and just studied my notes. I focused more on peds calculations and adult mcgs/kgs/min. Then on the day before the test I put all books away. I took the day to rest my mind. I was anxious because this was the second time that I would take the test. Mind you, I could not sleep this night for some reason. So on January 21, 2011, I went into the test anxious, but confident. I prayed before starting and 6hrs later I was done. I had 265 questions again. When I made it to question 199, I had a talk with myself; I knew that the test was not going to cut off and that the next 65 questions meant a pass or fail for me. I focused really hard on the next 65. I went home nervous and crying. An hour later I tried the Pearson vue trick and got the pop up. The first time when I failed it took me straight to the credit card page. I knew that this was a good sign but I was not truly convinced. So, I waited the next 48hrs and paid the $7.95 for the score report and the score report said PASS!!! I still was not convinced and the next morning the FBON had my license number on there with my name! I WAS RELIEVED. I wrote all of this to tell you that it can be done and to not be discouraged. You can inbox me and I will send you my study guide sheets. I am praying for you. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  10. by   winsome08
    CONGRATS've done it.
  11. by   sushilover
    Thanks everyone!

    Hi Glam, thanks so much for your story. It gives me hope. Can you please send me your study guides. Im so scared for my next test so anything that you have should help me. My email is Thanks again =)
  12. by   Luvvs2laugh
    Congrats Glam!

    I took my NCLEX today and got ALL 265!!!! needless to say I was DEVASTATED!

    Someone gave me the PVT and I will admit I AM COMPLETELY LEARY of this "trick" BUT after getting the GOOD POP UP THIS AFTERNOON...I AM STILL HOPEFUL!!!

    After 2 YEARS in an arduous program and graduating with HONORS...IT SUCKS TO GET 265 questions!!!!! Kaplan scores in the 70s and GREAT HESI SCORES...and I STILL FELT UNPREPARED!!

  13. by   glam
    I am pretty sure that you did well. If you received the good pop up then you PASSED. Sending you an early congrats:O) You are officially an RN!
  14. by   ihopeipass
    congratiolations glam...i took my test twice already with 265 questions on both just like you...its been a year since i last took it and i'm very scared that i'll fail again...i was hoping if you could give soem of the notes that you used to study with... i would be very grateful...i'm studying again now, and paid the money, im just waiting for them to send me my att and i will take this test again...