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I got done in a little less than 2 hours (1st break hadn't been given yet) and came straight home (about 10 minutes away) and got the good popup. That was stressful! Now to wait and hope on the... Read More

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    Quote from Danielle318
    I've NEVER known it happen to anyone personally but I've read a few stories in online nursing forums
    Interesting. The only stories I can find online are about false negatives. Thanks for responding. Guess we'll see what my official results are soon enough.

    ---- I PASSED

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    Thanks havemercy...I am very happy to have passed. I was so sure I didn't.
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    I took the nclex on mar 11 2013 i had 265 ?'s max . Im sure i got the last question right. I did the pvt and got the pop up your resolts are on hold after 24 hrs tried again then it went to cc page, the only thing happened i was transfered to a diff comp coz my ist comp hanged up, what does this mean? Your comments will be mich appreciated tnx
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    Quote from nurse2b121212
    Just found out my results today....passed!!!!! Man, what a relief! I was sure I failed it...I wish we knew what we missed and/or got wrong. I have so many questions about some of the questions lol.
    Congratulations!! I took my test Wednesday and passed!!

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