Took NCLEX-RN Today

  1. Hello to all,
    Little bit of back round...
    I have been an LPN since 6/2009 I work at a clinic, when I took NLCEX-PN, I was too scared to do the PVT. I Thought it was very hard test, no way I could have passed. I ended up passing with 85 questions.

    Fast forward to Now.. Graduated LPN-RN program Dec. 2012 after 1 year of accelerated program. We had Kaplan incorporated into our program. I got 72% in Diagnostic and 63% on Readiness. I took Q trainer 6 and got 64.5% and Q trainer 7 and got 65% this week.Read through all the rationales even if I got it right. I did about 30 questions a day of q bank and some Saunders, made flash cards, with lab values, and positioning, stuff like that, used LaCharity PDA on lunch break at work.. Ive never failed a nursing exam and we had to get 80% on all our exams.

    All of my other classmates have been passing with 75 questions, 1 with 265 she passed, from my program.

    Took NCLEX-RN today at 8am, I prayed it turned off on 75 questions, because I lose focus on long tests, and it did. It was hard but not as hard as I imagined. I got about 40 SATA, like 10 priority, NO MED CALC or LABS, 1 EKG, 1 drag and drop, and 1 Picture. I was worried because I did not get any labs or med calc?

    I just mustered up the courage to do the PVT after about 1.5 hours and it said under results "Delivery Successful". I held my husbands hand as we pressed next after entering all the information and the message I got was...

    "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your member Board for further review. Another registration can not be made at this time!" It did not let me go to a credit card page.

    Is this the infamous "pop up" that every one is talking about? I really cant believe it!! I hope its true because I am sick of studying!!
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  3. by   begosh

    Worked for me and others too! Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3
  4. by   cherribonbon
    Congrats!!! ;-)
  5. by   Ella26
    Thanks for the congrats! I really do hope its true.
    This is pure torture, I am glad I am off work for next 2 days! I cant focus on anything right now! I'm just sick to my stomach at the thought of ever having to face that beast again! Hopefully I wont.
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  6. by   hazlenut88
    Good job!!! I think I speak for a lot of people that when the NCLEX is over a huge part of the relief is that we don't have to study and be glued to a book anymore. Again, Congrats!!
  7. by   jiokes
    Congrats, Am taking mine in a week. I feel like I don't know what am doing. My scores are all over the place with kaplan, 50-60, and and 80 pretest then 55-66-70 on the quizzes on the NCSBN learning ext. Someone please pray for me and other students here that are yet to take it. All my friends have taken it and passed.My stomach is about to pop out! What do you guys think?
  8. by   k.durham91
    Congrats! I took mine yesterday with 75 questions and the good pop up. I keep checking periodically and keep getting the good pop up. 4 of my classmates that I know of all got 75 questions and got the good pop up on thursday and their names posted this morning. I'm hoping for mine to post Monday.
  9. by   Ella26
    I was all over the place in the Kaplan qbanks anywhere from 20%-100%. I cant really say what helped me yet until I get the official results. But I will say focus on the basics, like labs, (even though I didnt get any) you might, med calc, common meds names and side effects, positioning, infection control- precuations and PPE (like the steps in removing and taking off), maslows, and ABCs. Stuff like that. And of course any content that you feel weak in brush up on that because you never know what they might ask you. Then you will be asking yourself why didnt I study that? Good luck, I hope I dont have to retake it.
  10. by   Ella26

    Congrats to you too hopefully. Im still not a full believer in the trick yet of course. I hope I dont have to wait until monday. When I took LPN on a Wednesday at 8am, I check BON the NEXT day at 812am and it said passed. I'm wondering if it will be there tomorrow even though its a Sunday. Man, this is torture! The waiting might just be worse than actually taking the test.
  11. by   k.durham91
    I highly doubt they will post tomorrow. Most boards don't update on the weekends. I'm expecting mine to be on their Monday morning since I tested on a Friday.
  12. by   Ella26
    Im still getting the good pop up. Hopefully Ill have good news in the am, I will need a sleep aid tonight, lol.
  13. by   kemifair
    Quote from Ella26
    Im still getting the good pop up. Hopefully Ill have good news in the am, I will need a sleep aid tonight, lol.
    Ella you pass go celebrate
  14. by   Ella26
    Thanks Kemifair- It just seems to good to be true. Ill try to celebrate.... Maybe Ill go watch the superbowl to get my mind off it!