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Are you guys sure the "good pop up" means you passed? I'm still in shock! 75 questions, and to be honest I don't think it was that bad. I didn't study at all, just took Hurst review twice and I did just glance over some things... Read More

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    Thanks Cindy!!!! Congrats to you too!!!! Dang I'm glad that's over with. I finally feel like I can move on with my life. Nursing school was real tough. I even had appendicitis in my 3rd semester and had surgery lol....I thought I had a stomach virus (caught a lot of crap for this since I was a nursing student lol). I sure am grateful for this site, its been nice chatting with people who have so much in common.

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    I took it friday, cut off at 75, lots of SATA, priority..Have been doing the PVT all weekend, still getting the pop up. It also says "Delivery Succesful", but still I am feeling nervous about it!!!

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    I'm doing the same thing Eddie. I see delivery successful and good pop up continues to show up. I guess I won't find out for sure until Wednesday. I still have to take the jurisprudence exam or else my name won't be on the BON website. I live in Texas, do you have a similar test you have to take to get your certificate in the mail? Just wondering.
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    hai can u explain the good pop it "our record indicate that you already schedule exam contact board of nursing".......or something else.bcz i am in the same situation..
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    I forget exactly what it said lol...I'll look it up again.
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    I took the test today and tried the Pearson Vue "trick." I got a pop-up that said the candidate had already registered. It did not mention the candidate had already passed the test, nor did it take me to a screen for credit card information. What am I to think about this? I felt awful about the test, but I would say about 1/3 of it was SATA and the other 1/3 was priority questions....
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    congratulations !!
    good luck for getting RN job. please can u tell me your experience with your review? which review you had? how long you were studying everyday.
    please tell me one thing what is best doing 300 questions everyday? or read content?
    because i did my contents already once. but when i do question now look like i forgot. so i think it is waste of time doing contents. plz give me your advice. i have kaplan 2nd time , mary ann hogans, ncsbn, nclex 4000, exam cram , PDA La charity
    please please tell me how can i study to do my best. my exam on march 9th. THANKS a LOT .
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    Davi000, our school was all about ATI. I think this helped the most. The questions were just as difficult as the NCLEX. I did Hurst review which the content part did not help me much, but the test pointers were great! Not sure if I can post stuff like this, but they were pointers like, don't be a killer nurse, and assume the worse. It probably only makes sense if you took the review. I had never heard of Kaplan until I found this website, but I hear its helpful. Practice alot of priority questions. Like which patient would you assess first? I found these somewhat difficult on the exam. Good luck, hope this helps you some. Wish I had more time to type, but I have 3 wild kids to get to bed lol.
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    I took it today. 75 questions it cut off. You must be a very fast test taker to do 40 min! It wasnt what I expected for NCLEX-RN. I didnt think it was that different from NCLEX-PN. Anyhow. I got the good pop up, but Im not a believer yet. I guess I have to wait until monday. I had about 40 SATA, some priority, 1 drag and drop, 1 ekg, 1 picture, no med calc or labs. So Im a little skeptical yet.
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