Took nclex 9 times - page 5

Please I need advice before taking nclex again I don't know what else to do I did everything. I've been trying to pass nclex for the past 4 years. Please if anyone have suggestions please let me know.... Read More

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    Quote from Danielle318
    I'm sorry he doesn't have a blog, Facebookor Twitter. I found out about him from people in my area who have failed NCLEX & Other exams
    @Daniell: would you kindly share some tips/tecnique that you learned from his class for test taking strategy that you learned in your group... or message me the info/email?thanks

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    Quote from Danielle318
    danielle what part of LA are you in. Im in northern louisiana shreveport area
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    I'm in North Louisiana
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    Quote from Danielle318
    I'm in North Louisiana
    what part?
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    I'm from Monroe
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    Quote from Danielle318
    I'm from Monroe
    did u go to ULM? I went to grambling

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