Took Kaplan and Failed NCLEX

  1. I recently took my NCLEX and failed it. I am bit upset because I took the last month off from work to study 10 hours a day for NCLEX. I took the Kaplan course. I went to the class, I watched all the lecture and question videos, read through their entire book twice with notes, I took 100% of the q bank questions, and did all the q trainers and scored a 69% on the readiness test.

    I had called Kaplan and was given the option to re-take their course to or get my money back. I was debating if I should just ask for a refund because obviously I already did everything they advice prior to taking my NCLEX and I still didn't pass. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   lavender59
    If you think there is nothing to learn from Kaplan anymore, try other options like Hurst or do ask many questions on your own.
  4. by   Rach10388
    why do you think you failed?
  5. by   caliotter3
    If it were me, I would get my money back and put it toward Hurst. Do not take so much time off from work so you don't get in trouble. Make a strict study schedule and keep to it. Good luck.
  6. by   zyal
    Thank you ladies. I appreciate all the advice.

    @ Rach10388: I know I failed it because I did the person vue trick and I didn't get the "good pop up" nor have I seen my name on the board's website. It's been over 2 weeks since I took the NCLEX.
  7. by   thecool1Nscrubs2no
    GO TO A HURST REVEIW .....GET YOUR MONEY BACK AND TRY HURST....Hurst was part of my college program...had to attend...before graduation. KEEPS YOU IN THE TEST MODE....YOU CAN DO IT ONLINE OR LIVE...I ATTEND A LIVE ONE AT MY COLLEGE. I think alot of people use many books the only book I used was saunders and listen to the hurst review....did that for 3weeks before I took my exam studied 5 hours 4 days a week for three weeks...the last two days nothing but hurst. Also did the comprehensive exam in the back of saunders book to see how ready I was two days prior. I felt good for the most when i tested. I felt the hurst and saunders reflected alot of what you needed to know....Of course everyone stresses until you get the results which I got mines over the phone 2 days later by calling my boards automated line...since I'm in a state that doesn't do the pearson vue trick. Also mediation helps even if its just for ten mins a day before you go to sleep. Also eat a protein bar before you test...almonds are brain food if you didn't already know... You will not know everything.....but you will know more than enough to pass.TO HAVE THE BEST CHANCE OF PASSING KNOW YOUR CORE CONTENT such as med surg, renal, endo, resp, GI, GU, cardio, dieases, labs, delegation, priority, study select all that apply ...LOOK AT THE NEW FORMAT FOR THE 2011 NCSBN. MED SURG IS THE BACK BONE SINCE THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON IN ALL THE QUESTIONS. Touch over ob/and peds(complications). DON'T STUDY STUFF YOU KNOW WELL...THAT IS WASTING YOUR STUDY TIME. Its up to you as the nurse to attack the questions direct. USE THE SAUNDERS BOOK WITH THE CD if you don't have something already. Go over the sections and do 60 questions a day from each body system. Read the sections in the saunders helps to fill in the grey areas along with the cd. Talk out your concepts aloud to get them in your head so you can pull them back up when you take your exam. Know basic pharm tie that in with disease can help you remember it better...same goes for labs. Remember just because you have a nurse floating to the floor with 10 yrs exp....she or he stills needs the most stable patient. RN can only do teaching so remember that when you look at discharge and the nclex hospital. NO GOOD QUESTIONS on NCLEX(SOMETHING HAPPENING IN ALL OF THEM)....PROBLEMS YOU NEED TO FIX. READ CAREFUL, LOOK FOR KEYWORDS. THINK WHAT IS THE BEST, SAFE, AND WILL CORRECT THE PROBLEM WHEN YOU ATTACK THE QUESTION. Remember we want to correct a problem in the early signs of distress or whatever before they get to the point of the might not make it phase. THEY ARE LOOKING FOR NURSES THAT WILL HELP THE PATIENTS, PROTECT THEMSELVES AND THE PUBLIC.....ALONG WITH LOOK FOR ABUSE. Becareful with labs just because its wnl of the high or flag for new nurses. Goal is to get as many questions right on that exam as you can. Look for keywords read the questions slow. THE SAME WAY YOU MISSED TEST QUESTIONS IN SCHOOL BECAUSE YOU READ THE QUESTIONS TO FAST...CAN HAPPEN HERE SO READ SLOW. DON'T GIVE YOUR ANSWERS AWAYS BECAUSE YOU ARE READING TO FAST....SLOW IT DOWN ON THIS. Ask yourself does my choice make sense....and if so WHY...KNOW THE WHY TO YOUR RIGHT ANSWERS AND THE WRONGS...OR WHAT MADE THEM WRONG . SO REVEIW RATIONALS WHILE YOU PRACTICE FOR YOU EXAM. It often helps you get other key pieces in your head. KEEP POSITIVE, KEEP FOCUSED. You can do it. Also look at select all that apply questions. Hurst review is nice too. Don't get yourself so focused on medications that you don't look at other parts of the test. Its not a pharm test. REVIEW MEDS THAT GO WITH EACH SYSTEM...remember you are loooking for complications(major). So basic meds. Don't hang yourself up here....make sure you know that med surg and all thoses systems well. YOU CAN PASS IT....JUST KEEP AT IT.....
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  8. by   BossLady00
    Get you money back. If you used all of the resourses, don't waste anymore time.
  9. by   Ekuyk
    I say get your money back... If you did all the questions already you wont benefit from them again.
  10. by   fmAtoZ&backagain
    thecool1nscrubs2no i like your view.. thank you for sharing, which is an excellent overview of what to do next, i will use some of your advice myself. i think you are right, hurst, instead of kaplan and saunders on the side, makes a perfect option.

    one thing is clear zyal, don’t give up, give yourself a 2 day break and hit the books again, don’t let the blues get you, in fact 3% of the people who do the "trick" have it wrong... anyways, be always positive!!~~