Tips for Pharmacology NCLEX studying

  1. Hello Everybody

    Any tips on studying pharmacology for nclex. I'm trying to break it down by categories and classes but i'm a bit overwhelmed. Also concentrating on the "last" names but I feel like i should know more.

    Suggestions please
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  3. by   kemifair
    Hi runaway most meds are similar so once u know the category you will be good. For ex. Prils no the side effects what they are used for.
  4. by   itsdebraanne
    I'm studying meds along with content. like going over heart disorders then learning the meds that go with it. then I go over GI. Urinary. I use the body systems to guide me rather than trying to memorize by bulk reading a bunch of meds.
  5. by   shamrokks
    By class seems to be what most say...I'm still trying to figure it out myself