Those who passed RN boards, what did you during the 5 days before test day?

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    what did you during the 5 days before test day?
    i.e., relax; take mini 20Q as opposed to 50Q; review content

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    Studied up to the last day doing 50 questions a day...the day before the test closed my books at 1pm....hope this helped...
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    I studied.

    On the 4th day, I did nothing. I used that day to relax. IMO, if I didn't know it then I wouldn't know for the NCLEX the next morning. Good luck!
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    thanks! my nerves are getting the best of me lol
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    I did a 75 question practice test in the morning and again in the evening because those are my two best study times. Other than that I did nothing. The days before I did one last test in the morning and nothing the rest of the day. The only reason I did that was to keep me in my testing routine.

    You know what you know by that point.

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