The Truth to the Pearson Vue Trick & My Results Timeline

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I was told about the the "Pearson Trick" a few days ago. I took my NCLEX on friday 9/16 and by that afternoon, I went onto Pearson's website and did the trick, and got the good error message.

    I have not seen anything on by state BON website.. so I dont know officially if i passed or failed the test.

    I am super suspicious of this Pearson Trick, I find it hard to put all my faith in a silly pop up. Accoriding to the Pearson Trick, I passed. I will have to wait and see what the BON says..

    Also, I want to post some information about how long it is taking me to get my pass/ fail information bc i know i am a nervous wreck, so hopefully this may bring some peace of mind to future testers.

    TOOK TEST FRIDAY 9/16 @ 8am



    I will update further as to my results timelime
    By the way I am from Florida, so this is indicative of FBON

    *Just a side note- it is 10 am Saturday morning here (24+ hours after my test) and I have been checking on the BON website, and there is nothing... So this may also show that the BON does not update on weekends or take longer than 24 hours
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  3. by   thisonedude
    try waiting 2 to 3 days for your name to pop up
  4. by   ChristyJ
    Hi! I also took my NCLEX on Friday, and I almost wanted to kick myself for making it for a Friday, but I just wanted to do it the first available appt they had. I also did the PearsonVue Trick, and got the good pop-up, but like you i have little faith in a pop-up that will ultimately determine my fate. I was lucky enough to score a internship/training program in the OR (my dream job) and they are waiting on my scores to finalize everything. So i'm just about going nuts, I'm in FL so they have the quick results option....But here is the catch seeing as that I took it on a Friday, Quick results take two business days which leaves me until tuesday so thats a total of 5 agonizing days . So i'm basically going insane right now with the waiting...I got 75 questions, so I have no idea,....One upside to your situ is that at least now you aren't totally alone

    I will also post my results when they become available...Nice to meet you by the way

    P.S. I have a bunch of RN friends that did the Pearson Trick and they said it worked, but i'm just a skeptic that
  5. by   KER5050
    Hi Everyone! Its 12:15 on Saturday and BON website has not yet posted any results.. i called their customer service to see if they were even open today, and they are NOT open! haha..

    **FBON open Monday through Friday until 6pm**

    I had a little bit of hope that the results would be auto updated (even if they are closed), so Im going to keep checking (mainly so that future testers have something to refer to when they are freaking out too).

    I have heard that Pearson is open 7 days a week, they their "2 busniess days" is 48 hours, regardless of the day of the week. That will be another thing we will discover tomorrow (tomorrow will be 48 hours after my test- which is also a sunday).

    I had 160-170 questions ( I cant remember exactly because it just shut off).. but I am not concerned about the number of questions, everyone I have talked to said it really doesnt matter how many you get.

    Im kicking myself too about scheduling Friday, but I am in the same situation as you- I have an employer interested in me and getting my test done and passed is top priority. I got my ATT Monday and took it Friday.. and I only studied Monday- Friday.

    I thought that the state application, ATT and scheduling would take a lot longer, but from the day I submited my online application to FBON to when I took my test was only 3 weeks.

    So another tip for future testers, if you live in FLORIDA the BON is VERY VERY VERY fast with their application process!

    Ok well, I will update everyone later
  6. by   ChristyJ

    I am soooo hoping that the both of us get great news tomorrow If I hear anything I will def. keep everyone posted! Goodluck, I have my fingers crossed
  7. by   KER5050
    Ok, so no news yet!

    It is sunday morning- exactly 48 hours after my exam..

    I went on the pearson website, to check if i can even do "quick results" and it says in bold bright letter thats my exams scores are not available yet. I decided that I would try and call the quick results phone number
    1 900 77 NCLEX

    this phone number does NOT work.. i have a sprint phone and i was thinking that maybe it was something setting on my account that wouldnt let me do it. So i called sprint and the lady with sprint said that there is no reason why i shouldnt be able to use it.. so she tried calling the number from her desk phone, and she got the same error message that i did. I also called my parents house and had them try if from there home phone, which i think is comcast- so unless there is some trick to that phone number.. it doesnt work!!!

    **So maybe another myth we can all bust is that NCLEX quick result number sounds like its a bunch of bologne!!!**

    So on to the next website i checked this morning (48 hours out from my test)..
    FBON exam results - NOTHING
    FBON provider search- NAME NOT THERE

    I am assuming that I am going to have to wait until tomorrow morning to hear anything, but I will keep back checking today to see if any new revelations have occured!

    My tip to future testers: try not to take your test on Friday- it is torture to wait allllllll weekend. And i can garuntee you (unless u r a freak of nature) finding out those exam scores will be all that is on your mind.

    I will update you later to patch together this long long timeline of non events.

    and one last thing- i just tried to call pearson's customer service line and
    So there is another fact straightened out for future testers.. the place is like fort knox on the weekend!!
  8. by   KER5050
    5 seconds after i posted this..... results are up! i passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   KER5050
    Ok now that i have calmed down

    At 9:26am quick results were up. I payed $7 and found out I passed!

    My results are NOT up on FBON, but im sure they will be tomorrow!

    I will patch this timeline together later.. me and my husband are going to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. by   ChristyJ
    Well, like KER I also checked pearson and paid for the quick results and passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats and goodluck to everyone!!!!!
  11. by   KER5050

    * Test taken at 8am (florida)
    -170 questions, test finished by 10am

    * "Pearson Trick" tried at 2pm- good pop up seen

    * Pearson "Quick Results" available at 9:30am on sunday morning (a little more than 48 hours after test)

    So the bottom line of this timeline is that pearson gives results 7 days a week.. and the BON only gives results on week days.
  12. by   AliF
  13. by   darlenesky
    hi KER5050 and ChristyJ! CONGRATulatIONS!!!!!!!!!! im just curious... "how will the PVT works if i already have registered?" coz i schedule my exam thru online so i already have an account in how will i do the PVT?thnx!
  14. by   linsmirn
    Congrats, and it shows once again that the PVT works, it worked for me a month ago. Within hours you do the trick and get your results, but states are different and post their results on different time frames. I live in Florida, my BON posted my results in 4 days.