The candidate currently has test results on hold...

  1. Alright everyone. Has anyone ever got this message before? I just took my NCLEX RN about an hour ago. "The candidate currently has test results on hold..." was the message that popped up. I know it isn't the good pop up, but there is little hope. It didn't go to the CC screen at all. As far as my test goes, these are the questions I got...

    Several S.A.T.P, I also got a good handful of exhibit questions, got one drag and drop where I had to do the procedure for helping the doctor insert a central venous catheter, I got a hot spot question, then as for my multiple choice I got the norm. Psych questions, therapeutic response questions and so fourth.

    I am not sure how I feel about my test. I know I walked out upset and wanted to cry because I feel like I failed. It just seemed like it went to fast. It shut off at 75 questions. This could be good or bad.

    Can anyone relate to me? Has anyone passed with this pop up and these types of questions before?? I am an absolute wreck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   diamond_girl
    I just took my exam too. I am getting the same message, so I am interested to see answers. My exam shut off at 78. The only thing I can think of that happened is, my palm scan couldn't verify me when I left the exam?
  4. by   pthomas89
    Everything went fine for me, palm scan and all. Its the weirdest pop up. I am trying to stay positive and think that it didn't take us right to the CC page. Ugh!!! The wait it terrible! I am hoping you did well! I'm praying for the best. Do you remember the types of questions you got?
  5. by   diamond_girl
    I got about 10-12 SATA, 3 exhibits, 1 picture, 3 math. Lots of prioritization. I was expecting more SATA, so I am a bit nervous!! Hoping I passed! I hope you did as well!!!
  6. by   pthomas89
    I am hoping we both passed!! Two future RN's right here. It sounds like we had a similar exam!!!
  7. by   Ella26
    Did you guys make sure the status of your exam said "Delivery Successful" before you tried to do the trick? Also if you take your exam to quick like less than an hour, it might flag it and they may have to review it so that could be why. Hopefully you guys passed. The waiting is terrible though. I do not wish that on anyone. I took mine on a Saturday at 8am and I had to wait until Monday at 8am to find out if I passed. I planned to not have plans all weekend because I knew I would be a wreck. And I was pretty much inconsolable.
  8. by   diamond_girl
    Yes, mine says delivery successful! I'm just trying to relax, and tell myself I won't know until Monday hopefully.
  9. by   pthomas89
    Mine also says delivery successful. I'm only hoping for the best. So stressful.
  10. by   pthomas89
    Diamond_girl does yours still say "results on hold"?
  11. by   zeus&lincoln
    Do not worry about getting so few SATA. When I took my exam, I got less than 10 SATA, 1-2 drag and drop and no med calculations. Finished in 75 in about an hour... It can be done . My fingers and toes are crossed for you. I know the wait is impossible.
  12. by   pthomas89
    Thank you zeus&lincoln. Yes it's very agonizing waiting for my results. It's the worse feeling ever. I did 75 questions in about 2 and a half hours. As soon as my screen went black, I thought I was going to throw up. I immediately started crying. But thanks for the support! I'm hoping for good news.
  13. by   smwilson
    I just took my PN exam on Tuesday and had the same pop-up for over 24 hours. It was so nerve wracking. But I did pass! I found out a day after my classmates that took it the same time as me.

    I have read that any little hold up will cause them to put your test on hold, such as the palm scanner not working correctly. In my case, it was because I took the test "too" quickly. Anything under 45 minutes is automatically reviewed.
    Hope this helps! I know this feels like the most stressful part!
  14. by   applesxoranges
    I heard sometimes it also has to do with paperwork too.