T-Minus 1 day until NCLEX!!!!

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    Hi everyone!! I'm a 1x poster and a longtime lurker. I have found so much solace in this website in reading and now, I am looking for the same in posting. All of you nurses, future nurses etc....are inspirations and calming to me. Its sucha beautiful feeling to feel like you are not alone. I have been through so much in my nursing Journey, from starting nursing school twice when I had to switch schools and the school refused to take credits, going through a complete divorce and changing my life all in the process. I swallowed a hard pill when I watched my classmates I had started with, graduate before me and then hit the RN year mark. I found out who my closest friends were and realized I had few, but was so grateful to have them. I graduated with honors, spoke at my graduation with my beautiful family in the audience and my true love rooting for me through the whole thing. It was such a milestone....we moved to Florida on wimb and 3 weeks ago I got my ATT and now, here I am with my testing date Nov 28th, 8 am.

    From the moment I got my ATT, I have been drowning myself in 200+ questions a day. Using Saunders, Prep-U, the NCSBN 3 week course, and Kaplans QTrainers. In 3 weeks I have seen nearly 3 thousand questions, more counting retakes and including everything before my ATT. I never thought I would be here and am frightened to death that I won't pass. I know, negativity goes along way, and so I maintain a positive attitude to the best of my abilities. I have had difficulty in pulling myself away from the books to even eat.

    I took Kaplan QT 7 today, and I shocked myself with a 75%. I've always been a smart girl. The kind who can study, but doesnt need to and now I feel like I am facing my biggest of obstacles....I know crazy right? Nursing School was a beast. We know this.

    Now I ask the typical questions, as for the support of my fellow peers and wonder, am I truly ready? I am at a point where studying is just draining...I'm driving myself crazy and I am soooo ready to have my life back...I can't even look at a person without priortizing what I would do to them lol.

    My Last Exam score in Saunders was 85%, my diagnostic was 75.
    I am in levels 8 in the majority of my Prep U.
    My scores for the NCSBN questionbank range from 66-78% first try. (90-100% 2nd try)
    Kaplan Q1-64%, Q2-69%, Q3-67%, Q4-67%, Q6-75%

    They say the day before should be study free.....oy vey, we'll see how THAT works.

    All of you are amazing....thank you for all that you have done for me. Here's to hoping to only 75 questions and a good PVT pop up. <3
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    Thanks in advance for the support <3
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    Quote from jennifer.ortiz6
    Thanks in advance for the support <3
    Wow....you are really prepared , keep it up!!!
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    Oh my, you have no idea how good it feels to hear you say that!!!
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    Good luck to you! Such an amazing story, I know it will have a happy ending! Let us know how it goes!
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    goodluck to you..taking mine next week..
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    I took exam yesterday. In the you will see 70% question patient education, 20% priority(who you will see first? Ihad 40 Q out of 75 "select all that apply" so Please review client education in diseases and medication & SATA... NCLEX RN is patient education & priritization. try to practice SATA

    GOOD LUCK You will pass (I am positive)
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    Best of luck to you!!! Stay confident and know when to take a break when anxiety starts setting in during your exam.

    I'm a little over 3 weeks till my scheduled exam and my nerves are starting to emerge. I have those days where I'm literally tired of studying and can't handle reading another page. But we must go on studying
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    The amount of preparation you've done is impressive. I'm no expert on test-taking, but I can tell you what worked for me. The day before the NCLEX, I RELAXED. At some point over the next couple of days, stop studying. Do something fun or relaxing, and get plenty of rest the night before the test. Good luck!
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    Good luck!!!! And may the odds be ever in your favor!!!

    you got this!

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