Surely didn't passed

  1. Hi everyone,
    Now that my nerve is settled a bit, I'd like to share my experience.
    Yesterday, I wrote my nclex RN test, and surely did not passed. That is the feeling that I have and im fine, next time better luck. However, I spent a lot of doing the Hurst online review which is a good source for content but I think I prioritized my study material wrong.
    A couple months ago I read through PDA and answered all the questions and did not pay more attention to the book till the morning of my test day which was yesterday the 21st of Jan. I swear my next attempt taking the nclex RN exam, I will stick to PDA. The question style is just like the real NCLEX exam and guess what, I recognised two questions from PDA on my exam. I would not know the answers if I did not read through that chapter that morning. My future study materials are going to be PDA, Kaplan 2012-2013, Hurst review and I will try to some chapters from Saunders. The disadvantage for me to go over Saunders book is" that it is so broad and boring" although it is a good book if you have the time and long attention span to go through it. Once again, I am posting this with you but not that my performance was up to standard otherwise I would have passed the test.
    I am desperate but dertermine to get my license soon or later.
    Good luck to everyone taking the test.
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  3. by   ianursing22
    I like your positive attitude! I am really hoping you'll past the test the next time! Wishing you all the luck!
  4. by   Miniangel2
    Sorry to Hear that! (Hugs) and i Know you will make it, Goodluck to you!
  5. by   nurse2b121212
    Clau12, you never know, I hear that a lot of people get out of the testing center and feel like they failed it. Don't give up hope, you may surprise yourself. I'm studying Hurst too, and am fearful it will not help me. Everyone in my class used Hurst and passed the first time. It may have something to do with our college and their passing rate for NCLEX. I am horrible at the Endocrine stuff so I've been trying to get that stuff down. I test on 01/28 and even though I'm scared, I am walking in with a positive attitude and will just do my best! The way I see it is, I'll take it again and again if I have to, at least its not having to go through nursing school again lol. Good luck to you, and let us know when you find out for sure!
  6. by   ZhenXu8785
    good luck!!
    I hate to be the optimistic fool, but do you just think you failed, or do you know for sure? Hopefully your nerves are just making you think negatively. Did you feel like you did well during the test? If you did then you likely did do well

    But, if you did fail then I wish you luck next time.
  8. by   msteeleart
    Did you check the pop-up trick? You may have passed. I have walked out of tests thinking I failed and I ended up doing fine.
    HMMMM. I just read the other responses, and it looks like nurse2b121212 already said the exact same thing I did...

    Noe I look like an idiot parroting her lol. Oh well, serves me right for not reading the PP's before throwing in my 2cents
  10. by   ecaldwell2012
    You will get it the next time keep up the studying I took the hurst review and it seen to be very helpful good luck and I will continue to pray for you keep up the good attitude ..