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Studying NcLex

  1. 0 Im just curious on anyone's study habits. Like do you just stay completely at home? Or do you still go out and hangout with friends or family once in a while? I would really appreciate it if you guys will share to me some study habits. Thank you!
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    I usually go to a cafe to study. Then I would go home and record myself recite the material. I would always make time for fun thought. Maybe a movie or a night out
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    I work or do erands during the day and watch my shows in early evening. Then I study at 12 am until 3am because I am able to focus more if there is absolute silence around our house. I also tried the library during the day but I kept dozing off after a page or two.Try to know what sched works for you so you'll be able to have a routine study time. That way the learning comes naturally and your body knows that it's time to work during that sched.
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    What I'm doing , is that I work full time get out at 530-6 all day , I do dinner kids shower sleep by 840 and the rest is my time to shower and study is hard cause I'm exhausted by that time but I keep going, keep up u can manage it.
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    Thanks for the replies you guys. Because im trying to figure out if it's necessary for us to be "anti social" while we're studying.
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    hi mimimaramo! i just signed up from 3 week ncsbn... how was your scores? mine was literally low
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    If i do not have much time i study at home only, if my husband is off from work that means he can babysit our daughter and i go to coffee shop to study for like 3-6 hours. We need to enjoy sometime like once a week to unwine. We can be antisocial from facebook, twitter and other social networking because they are distractions.

    My highest scores in practice tests was only 60%, it never went up to 75%...i wished! Haha. But no worries, that is why we need to practice answering q&a's everyday and remember each rationale both from our wrong and right answers because sometimes we just got it right from guessing.
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    Quote from chikah_dorah
    hi mimimaramo! i just signed up from 3 week ncsbn... how was your scores? mine was literally low
    Ohmygosh im always at 55% to 65%. I had one veryveryvery low score! But im not yet done with it because i got the 5weeks one
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    my lowest was 45.. my scores in the practice test at the end of every lesson never go up to 60%... But i sometimes pass in the sample practice test... im in the 1-9 practice test.
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    What is ncsbn? I take Nclex in a few weeks. Is it practice questions? I'm using hurst review to study.
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    National council of state boards of nursing