Studied from india???

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    Is anyone there who studied from india and pass nclex in first attempt?? I need some support. Bcoz somebody told me that passing rate of indians rn in usa is very low.

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    Yes, three of my friends are from India and all three passed the first time. One of them holds a masters degree in engineering. The hardest thing for them is the language. It was difficult all through school and the test was tough for that reason as well. They all knew their content and practiced questions like crazy. Read the rationales after each question, even on the questions you got right.

    Good luck!
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    It isn't just nurses from India that struggle. The pass rate for IEN is less than 40%. Just make sure you study well and do not rush to sit exam
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    Thanku so much for some nice lines.
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    hi, which state you are in? i am from india too. but i see lot of indian RN,S working. passing rate is not low. i am taking in march 1st week after 9 yrs graduation from india. working as cna.
    i didnt want to take before now some finicial problems made me to take it. so i am studying hard the way it supposed to .
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    Right now I am in michigan. Frim where u are? Which sources are you using for prepration?
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    hey raj89 i am also living in michigan and also from india.i am preparing for second time nclex rn .m using saunders book for content and kaplan book for practice questions.when u r going to take exam?
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    May be in may or june. Which review classes u r planning to take? Or already taken?
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    already i took hurst review course .
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    I am also planning for that. I Hope it works.

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