1. I truly need some Good Advice.

    I'm taking NCLEX PN next Saturday for 2nd time. I have been scoring @ 50%-55% on the Kaplan Q trainer questions.

    I understand from other posts that if you need to score 70% or better to feel confident on passing NCLEX.
    With 7 days left what can I do to improve it to 70%. I've done 2,400 que's on Saunder 4/ed. Went thru the whole book did the hardcopy questions. I did kaplans strategy book. I've gone over the mnenomics, normal lab values. Am reading the lacharity Prioritization book.

    I feel very depressed and desperate to tell you the truth. I am mentally exhausted.
    I've been studying since late Feb. for this.

    What can i DO TO bring up my scores?
    Go over the missed questions content is the best thing I can think of.

    Thank You!
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  3. by   wecan11
    Please, Please I really need some help here..!!
  4. by   Steve EMT-B
    i havent even thought of the nclex yet but only advice I go by is don't second guess yourself and don't read into the question. Best of Luck!!!!
  5. by   passredskins1
    i am NOT sure u will be able to raise your score to 70 percent in a week....dont even pay attention to the scores....i took the nclex rn the second time....and my kaplan qbank scores were 53 those numbers i wouldnt have passed with 75 questions but i reviewed missed content....and used kaplan strategy to help.....if u dont feel prepared delay an additional month to practice....good luck