Sick but, still took the NCLEX-RN and PASSED!!!!!!

  1. so i gave it a go and decided to take the nclex-rn last week. i used only hurst to review for my test. i studied on and off for 3 weeks. well, when i took the nclex-rn last week, i got to question 75 and then the computer rolled to question 76. i was so anxious because, i know of so many people who finish at question 75 and pass. the computer kept going and going. mind you, i had a really bad cold, hydrated myself, had a horrible fever on the day of my nclex exam! i didn't have a runny nose or cough though. just ran a really high temp. i got it the day before my test date so, i couldn't reschedule. i felt like dying but, i kept going on. i took a bathroom break every hour because, i hydrated myself well before the test.

    after the test was over, i went on my cell phone and tried the ever so popular pearsonvue trick and got this message:

    "our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. please contact your member board for further assistance. another registration cannot be made at this time."

    so glad it's over! thank you everyone for all of the support and help!

    i wish everyone who is going to take the nclex the best of luck!
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  3. by   MiahMSN
    Congrats!! Do you think Hurst prepared you well? I really love Hurst and wish I had it in nursing school with some areas I struggled with (Acid Base and Fluid & Electrolytes for one) I'm doing Hurst and Kaplan combined (mainly Hurst for the content and Kaplan for the strategies and qbank). I still have qtrainers 5, 6 and 7 to complete with Kaplan along with 60% of the qbank completed. I also just took my first practice test with Hurst and their questions compared to Kaplan are way more straight forward. Would you say Hurst questions were similar to NCLEX? I hear so many different things about NCLEX from the questions are much easier to they questions are hard and "it was like no test I'd ever seen".
  4. by   live&love&heal
    Thank you Mya2bRN! I LOVED LOVED LOVED Hurst! I wish I had Hurst during nursing school too! I have to be honest with you. I really didn't dedicate 100% of myself to Hurst. I went through all of the content in days 1,2,and 3 and then went over maternity and did took only 1 practice test through Hurst. Had I done it over again, I would have dedicated all of my time to finish the whole program and finished the rest of the program.

    The questions on Hurst were really straightforward. Hurst really helped me on content. I couldn't help but hear a southern accent throughout my test! LOL I didn't use Kaplan but, did their free NCLEX test. I felt their test questions were harder. Questions were not the same only the look and feel of the interface.

    I didn't use the allnurses NCLEX study guide but, had wished I studied it over before I took my exam. I looked at it AFTER the NCLEX and feel it's a really good study guide to go through to add to your NCLEX study material. Def use it!

    The NCLEX did feel like no test I have ever seen. The questions were not hard nor easy. Use the resources you have, study and have confidence that you will pass! I wish you all the best! Let me know if you need any other advice or help!
  5. by   MiahMSN
    really good advice, thanks!
  6. by   oztizz184
    CONGRATS!!! how was your exam? like what kind of q's etc? did you do any practice questions?
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    Quote from oztizz184
    CONGRATS!!! how was your exam? like what kind of q's etc? did you do any practice questions?
    I got every type of question you can think of.

    a lot of SATA and priority questions. If I were to round it, I'd say I had about 20-25 SATA and 15-20 priority questions.

    The only questions I did was one Hurst practice test and the sample Kaplan test that they offered for free last week. I focused more on understanding the content. However, again, if I were to do it all over again would have probably finished the test sooner at 75 had I done the whole Hurst Review course.
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