September test takers [NCLEX-RN 2012]

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    I am taking my NCLEX-RN exam in mid september.I sometimes feel so unmotivated and just don't feel like studying.So I thought of making a thread for people who are going through the same and preparing for the NCLEX.This thread is for all the people who are taking their test in september..we can share any questions(not actual questions) but questions regarding topics or just share our thoughts on anything regarding to test.

    To all the people who feels like they will never be done with this test, just remind yourself you are not alone and this will end soon we all will be an RN's soon.. just believe in your capabilities

    Good luck people

    The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.
    Frank Loyd Wright

    NOTE-Don't post anything for which you don't own copyright.Thank you
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    I'm testing in september, fist week....I have been feeling unmotivated also for the past 3 days.....but I reminded myself yesterday only a few more weeks to go> so push harder now, no time to slack will soon be over, the finish line is near.....NOW IS TIME TO GIVE IT UR ALL!
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    I know i totally understand that feeling when you are on edge of giving up but as you said few more days you will be done with this and get that golden license will be an RN soon.. think about that

    Good Luck and you are in my prayers ..
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    Anything worth having is worth fighting for.......I will send positive thoughts and prayers to you all!!!!
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    I go sept 8th! i am so nervous! I have been doing Kaplan!
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    Im taking my LPN tomorrow and i have been doing Saunders CD !!! only making 70% but its consistant ...good luck to everyone ...yay!
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    @LGALIK185 will do great..stay focused good luck


    Good luck ..keep us posted
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    Good luck to everyone taking the test... remember to take several deep breaths everytime you feel like you are lost in there and panicking..
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    I will be taking my test in October, has anyone done any review class for NCLEX? If so which ones?
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    I take my test on the 5th. I've been using my Lippincott book, an NCLEX app, and ATI questions. I took the ATI Review class. I thought it was ok. I did pick up a couple things that I didn't know, but I am not certain if it was worth the money I paid. They do guarantee helping you until you pass the NCLEX. Hopefully I won't need their help beyond my first attempt.

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