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I am taking my NCLEX-RN exam in mid september.I sometimes feel so unmotivated and just don't feel like studying.So I thought of making a thread for people who are going through the same and preparing for the NCLEX.This thread is... Read More

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    I've scheduled to take the test on 9/25 and I am stressing out because I not only have to prepare for a critical care competency exam at work, I also have to move into a new home.

    No, there isn't any other way I could have done it.

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    I take mine sept 29th. Am sooo nervous and sometimes feeling unmotivated to study! But I am enrolled in virtual ATI which I think is pretty helpful so far and am also using Kaplan books and Lacharity PDA. I hope I'm doing enough! Only thing I'm having trouble with is Kaplan ... Those questions are dang hard! Anyone else havig this issue? I read all their "strategies" on how to dissect and answer the questions but feel like those aren't always correct when answering them. I hope Kaplan is harder than the NCLEX because I answer a lot of those wrong!
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    I take the NCLEX 9/12/12 and I am FREAKING out I am using Kaplan for prep and have about 450 qbank questions left to do.
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    Have you taken the Kaplan course? They explain that they really are the harder questions, the analysis and application type questions. The idea is that the best strategy is to get above the baseline and kind of go fifty fifty on those kinds of questions which is why anything over a 50% on their diagnostic or readiness tests indicates a very good likelihood of passing first try.

    But yeah, they are hard.
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    I used Kaplan only.
    My NCLEX RN was on 9/7/12
    Had over 100 questions ;(
    Flew home and got the good pop up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    U can all do this. Pray before hand and read each question thoughtfully and slowly.
    U can do it and pass!
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    Thank you caffeine
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    Prayers helped me so much. It helped me to calm down and focus, especially when I feel like anxiety is taking over me during the test. But after the test, like any other people who took it. I don't feel good, but still hoping and praying to GOD. I did the pvt and got good pop up. This is my second exam. I used kaplan qbanks as my main resources and PDA is the best for PDA questions. I think PDA helped me to get a better kaplan score . When I feel tired from hard questions like kaplan. I used Saunder q and a for my content and Lippincott ipad app. However, saunder q and a for me are easy questions getting 70-75 most highest were 80s. Lippincott is 50-70s. Kaplan is hard but help you think critically.
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    Hi guys! I just want to share something that helped me calm down before the exam. I scheduled my exam at noon and in the morning while I was waiting I played video games. No brain games, they're too distracting. I'm talking about the ones that require almost no brain power at all. I personally played Mass effect 3 multiplayer and Team fortress 2 haha. Kind of unorthodox i know, but by the time i went into the exam I was pretty relaxed.

    It worked for me maybe it'll work for you.
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    Thank you guys for your advices and for sharing your experiences..we appreciate it
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    I need some help! I take my test next Wednesday! Any suggestions on what I should do the week before the test?!? Ive finished PDA, Kaplan qbank and qtrainers, and hurst questions. I have no idea where to get more questions! Please help!!

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