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  1. I am from Iowa, and have taken my RN Nclex exam 3 times now..I have used Kaplan, and Saunders to study from and have NOT passed!!! I am ready to give up!!!! I feel like I wasted $10,000 and a year of my life cause I can't pass !! Can ANYONE tell me, or suggest the "perfect" study book ect........Thank you so much
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  3. by   deez
    Have you looked into Hurst? I failed my test twice now. Both times I used Kaplan and Saunders. Despite the fact that I failed, I do believe that both of these reviews are good. However, I realize now that my problem is content. Each time I went into the test I felt like i knew a little bit about a lot of stuff. I kept telling my self that I cant possible know everything. Although this is true, you cant know everything, You have to have a good understanding of some major content areas. As they say, "you should be able to have an educated conversation on certain topics". If I am not able to do this how am I going to be able to answer questions? Even more important, how am I ever going to be able to pratice as a safe nurse if i cant critically think during a life threatening situation.
    Saunders is good for content, but it was just too much content for me. It helped me understand things in a general sence, but I did not walk away from it thinking in terms of the "big picture". That was my major down fall.....
    I am now taking the Hurst review and find that things are clicking, and i am able to see the larger scope of things. It brought back the critical thinking skills that I used, and have lost since school.
    My study plan: I am watching the videos several times so things click and stick. When I am done with individual areas (cardiac, renal, fluid and electrolyte,etc, etc) I skim my saunders in that area and then take the saunders test in those areas. I also plan on doing LaChairty questions in the same content area once I am done. Once I feel I am able to critically think about content, I plan on looking over Kaplan stratigies to to refresh how NCLEX wants things answered. I also hope to do the Qbank questions. There is also a random fact thread on here that i plan on looking over. I think it will help refresh my memory on some little stuff that is important.
    We each have individal reasons as to why we did not pass. I think sitting down, and being honest with our selves as to why we are not passing helps. Some people have problems with content, some people dont understand how to read and answer NCLEX style questions, and some have probs with anxiety which inhibits there higher level thinking. So I say to you, think about what it is that is causing you to not pass and go from there.
    I wish you the best of luck! May both of us be successful on our next attempt!!
  4. by   Rach10388
    Maybe it's not the material or the books. What are your study habits? How many questions are you doing before you take your test? What were your weaknesses from the times before??
  5. by   caliotter3
    It is persistence that wins in the end. Don't give up.
  6. by   rs02011988
    I failed once and now I am using the hurst review online method and I love it. I love the woman that teaches it, it is straight to the point and I feel as though I am not wasting my time. I would strongly recommend looking into it.
  7. by   nsklors
    If you have done Kaplan and Saunders, you should have test taking strategies down. I believe that the only thing I got out of the $400 kaplan course was knowing what to expect with the questions and some strategy tips. I personally think that if you don't know the content, no test taking tips will help. I would find out what your weaknesses are pertaining to content and go hard on them.