Retook NCLEX & GOOD PVT message

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    I was scheduled for the NCLEX-RN today in California. I had 75 questions, at least 20 SATA, a few exhibits, a couple drag & drop/ordered response as well as graphic alternate questions. I did not have any math which I was kind of bummed since that is my strong point; but hey I passed according to Pearson Vue Trick because I have taken the NCLEX before and never got the message. Instead I was prompted to make a payment to register for the test again. So seeing the message was good thing for me. I am so relieved that this obstacle is over and on to the next which is looking for a job; preferably an RN New Grad Program/Internship. I am celebrating and Thanking God for this moment. In preparing for the test, I used Kaplan on Demand as well as the Kaplan NCLEX-RN Strategies book. Love that book, strategies, strategies, strategies are so helpful. Will go into details about studying at a later time; once the official results come in!!
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    cOnGrAtUlAtIoNz!!!!!! 💃✨🎉🌋😜 I just passed mines as well!!!! Hope it doesn't take your state a long time for your board of nursing to send your official things!!!! Got mines in 2 days
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    Congratulations, RN!
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    Thanks..So Happy I'm a nurse
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    Ok, so I just want to clarify, you have already taken the NCLEX? And you re took it, and got the good pop up, and you know you already passed? I am asking because I re took the Texas NCLEX PN, yesterday, and I am getting the good pop up, the first time I took it, I got all the way to the credit card info page, and I knew I had failed it. So I am wanting to make sure that the trick works on retakes!
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    Mommylove2000, I did retake the nclex and the trick does work on retakes. I studied with other students who had previously failed and they took the exam again a few months ago, they all got the good pop up as where before, it went straight to the credit card info page. Hope this helps!
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    Way to go! Never give up!
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    When u retake do u have to pay the state $143 again or just register again with Pearson vue?

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