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I am 28 years old currently as of Feb 2012 a junior in college however am changing my major to nursing in the near future (I already applied) as well as being an army veteran

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  1. Mslecia20

    When You See Something, Say Something

    I have witnessed it, it was so bad in the cardiac cath lab that I worked in (I was the only black nurse) that 4 nurses were suspended and I was allowed to go home with pay due to the comments I had witnessed. Being told "oh you're not like the other blacks" is absolutely sickening.
  2. You know what's funny? I never see the complaints when it comes to #bluelivesmatter only black lives. If there were no need for the BLM movement to exist it wouldn't be there. We have a need for it just like we had a need a need for civil rights movement (which tbt we still need) and every other movement in the United States. It's not going anywhere unless there is real change and accountability. Don't like it? Well cry a river build a bridge and get over it
  3. To the OP All I can do is pray to God neither myself or my family is ever treated by you as a nurse or a NP
  4. Mslecia20

    Could this be discrimination?

    As one poster put it "life is not fair" and that is true however, discrimination is illegal and if I had proof that she has discriminated in her hiring in the past I would most certainly file a complaint. I am sick of people having a "get over it attitude" when someone is discriminated against. Usually the ones that could care less don't care because it does not effect them in any way.
  5. Mslecia20

    Chamberlain College Evening

    For the BSN program (not RN-BSN) there is no evening classes it is only full time and yes you can work, I did it full time evenings and weekends at the hospital my normal 80 hours
  6. Mslecia20

    bsn atlanta campus

    I am a single mother, 4 children, youngest being 4 years old and the oldest is 14, I am at Chamberlain full time and work full time nights 40 hours per week at the hospital. YOU CAN DO IT. It is quite a task but if you have the motivation and drive you can do it!! I have just finished my med surge and pharmacology classes and start pediatrics on the 26th and many people said I would not be able to get through the 3 classes together (adult health, patho and fundies) but I did and then they said I wouldnt get through adult health and pharm and I did! I tell you that to tell you that it is feasible. I go to school Monday-Thursday with 12 hour clinical on Wed. I go to school Mondays 830-12, Tuesdays 830-3p, (with pre planning) Wed 7am to 7pm and thursday 1-5pm
  7. Thank you thank you thank you
  8. Mslecia20

    Dear Incoming Class of Nurses

    OH I WISH YOU WERE MY INSTRUCTOR!! I have some instructors that are just as exceited as the students are when we get good grades on exams! Love this!!
  9. Mslecia20

    New Student

    Hi Nikki, I'm Alecia I am a student at Chamberlain and have been here since fall 2012. I like the program so far but BOY is it intense when you reach your nursing classes
  10. Mslecia20

    November Session Classes

    Mostly just reading and LOTS OF PAPERS lol one every week, I am in it now and only 1 week left with an A in the class THANK GOODNESS
  11. Mslecia20

    Seat number 3

    Good luck! Maybe I'll see you! I was wait listed as well when I I first applied and had to wait until the fall semester 2012 to start when I wanted to start in April 2012 so I know how you feel.
  12. Mslecia20

    Chamberlain St. Louis, MO

    I found it fairly easy online just tons of reading and note taking. You have to use exam guard when taking tests
  13. Mslecia20

    Chamberlain St. Louis, MO

    You're right but for some reason it was listed as a must have text on the syllabus. I didn't know if it was different in the classroom or not because I took NR 222 online. I think it will depend on the instructor as well on if you actually use it. I just copied and pasted every textbook I had on the list for that class.
  14. Mslecia20

    Chamberlain St. Louis, MO

    For NR 222 you need Health promotion throughout the life span, Fundamentals of nursing, Study guide and skills performance checklists for Potter/Perry fundamentals of nursing , American Nurses Association. (2008). Code of Ethics for Nurses , and American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association
  15. Mslecia20

    Chamberlain St. Louis, MO

    I have not taken a class called nursing informatics. I haven't seen that on my curriculum at all. NR222 was great after the first test!! I hear several people failed it I managed a B+. It was so many chapters of reading! BE prepared to spend about 2-3 hours a day on reading. I bombed the first test and got a 78%!! Lowest score ever since starting school! I learned quickly that I could not breeze through and study last minute like I did my pre-reqs. I read, took notes and studied as much as possible with 4 children!! I pulled my grade up after that horrible test. It's not really hard per say but just a lot of reading and notes if possible.
  16. Mslecia20

    Chamberlain St. Louis, MO

    I transferred in enough classes to knock off a half a year of school so my graduation date is April 2015. I finished the rest of my pre-reqs this past year and now I am in my nursing classes. This past year has literally FLEW by. Can't believe a year has passed already. Good luck you all.