Rescheduled my nclex-rn

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    Hi guys.
    I thank all of you guys in this forum because some of you have been my God sent angles. I have gotten help from two people here i mean reading materials and i thank God for you guys. Because of that, i have decided to reschedule my exam to thursday. I had initially scheduled it for monday but with the qbank i will continue to study until thursday.
    Guys this will be my 3rd time talking this exam. I want to ask you guys to please remember me in your prayers. I have been throught alot and if i pass this exam i will be soooooooooooo relieved. Please do pray for me as i pray for all of you. Thank you for taking yourtime to read this. To all RN's in this forum congrats and to RN soon to be i sau congrats in advance. Thank you and God bless.
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    Good luck! How did you prepare the other times?
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    Will pray for you! =)

    I failed my NCLEX twice already. Now I'm ready to start new again. I'm confused how to start this. Any advice?
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    Wishing you well. I'm taking mine on monday. So nervous.
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    i used sauders the first time, exam cram and now kaplan. I am sooooooooooooo scared but i really like kaplan i am able to eliminate atleast two answers i hope i will make it this time around. I am still learning he trick to answer questions. I want to successed soooooooooooooo bad.
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    I too have Sad stories and i just keep on trying i keep telling myself to do it and not give up! sigh...i have done kaplan 3wks everyday and today i took test again and NO good pop out! Y????? what an i doing wrong? i just feel so depressed that i am sick to my stomach. I had so many med Q's and about 5 sata all the rest where delegation and prioritization. I am back to square one will begin to study and then retake in 45 days. I too want to be a happy camper but God knows when. so don't give up you are not alone fellow repeaters.
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    I will be taking mine next Tuesday. I believe you did right by going with your gut feeling of rescheduling your exam, you don't wanna be pressured come exam day. I will be praying for you guys. This year is gonna be different so let's keep positive and do our best.

    Praise the Lord, God Bless
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    Take a deep breath, don't freak yourself out. Don't over think every thing. I am sending my prayers.
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    Repeaters do not give up! Praying for everyone who are taking boards.
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    I just took mine for the third time and failed i kinow exactly where you are coming from trust me you are not alone just dont give up im retaking in 45 days