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    Taking the boards in about 2 months and I can't stand those devil SATAS!

    I am curious as to the question content that people have come across on SATAS so I can attempt to narrow my focus

    -Thanks in advance!

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    Every person's test is different. The content of my SATA's may or may not be the same as the person sitting next to me or the person who took it the day before or days later.

    Honestly, I know I had at least 20 SATA but I couldn't tell you what the content of the questions were to save my soul. I couldn't tell you ANYTHING that was on my test.....its all a blur
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    I finished in 75 questions and got maybe 4 SATA. Most management questions, and one exhibit where they give you a client's H&P, labs, scripts, and d/c teaching; they asked which of the following would not part of d/c teaching. It was incredibly easy, just looked at the chart and whatever wasn't on the chart was the answer.
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    Did you pass the test with only 4 SATA questions? Beacause i had around 15 SATA and

    many follow up, lab, diagram questions,priority questions. but i did not pass the test......
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    Look for key words that makes the SATA's. like all, none, etc. that is how i narrowed mine down. And know what not to say to a pt.
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    I had 6+ SATA on my exam, 4 drag and drop, 3 pictures. NO EKG tho. just focus on key words in per kaplan treat sata as true or false.. read the kaplan test taking strat, it is worth it. for qna use lippincott's, i took my exam July 16 and I passed after checking it on quick results.
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    I took the NCLEX earlier this month, 75 questions, I marked on the white board every SATA..... I had 27!!!! If I remember there were a few that had 7 - 9 options. I used the true/false system to answer them. I passed!!!
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    I probably had 15-20 SATA's of varying topics, so I can't help you there.
    My strategy for those was to make each option a true or false question and select them that way. Of course, it doesn't help when you don't know lol but that's just how I thought of them.
    I had gotten feedback from other graduates from my school that the NCLEX was easier than Kaplan; I disagreed except for the SATA questions. I definitely felt the options were more straightforward in the NCLEX than they were in Kaplan's qbank. Just a thought.
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    I took (and passed!!) my test Jul 15 and only had 75 questions, of those only about 6 were SATA, the rest was multiple choice 2 exhibits and 1 EKG. those 6 SATAs were basically asking symptoms of a certain disease dealing with GI and Maternity. My tip would be to look at the question, dissect what it's asking and treat the options as a true/false. Remember that all the choices are never the answer and neither is only 1.
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    A majority of my test was SATA...maybe 60-70%. I passed in 75.

    Everyone is different,though.

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