Pop Up Trick

  1. How does the pop up trick work? What site is it...the continentaltesting.net site? Thanks.
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  3. by   Sun0408
    No, you log into your Pearson Vue account after you have taken the NCLEX.. You try to re-register to take the test again if it goes to the CC page you failed, if it states a new test can not be made at this time and to contact your BON, you passed...
  4. by   sugarmagnoliaRN
    I've seen two pop-ups mentioned here... I got one that says "Our records indicate you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your BON for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time." I've seen another one mentioned here that says verbatim that you PASSED... any insight on this?
  5. by   TXAggieRay
    If you got that pop-up, you passed.
  6. by   Sun0408
    I have never seen or heard the PVT stating "you passed" outright. The message you stated is the good pop-up sugarmagnolia018...
  7. by   sugarmagnoliaRN
    Phew!!! Thanks y'all!
  8. by   CT Pixie
    The 'passed' pop up is an old one from back in 2010 or so.