PN-Nclex tips and Don't be alarm when it stop at 85 questions

  1. Hi, everyone! I just past my exam and it stopped at 85 questions in 2hrs with a 5 min break. I was shocked and felt like I have missed most of the questions and I had a lot of SATA...

    Well, from what I heard having SATA is a good thing. Anyways, I felt horrible for the next two days. I couldn't sleep because I was too nervous about my result.

    I know I should of stay positive but in the past I suck at taking exams.

    I am so thankful that I am officially an LPN.

    How I did it:

    I dedicated 60 days and study from KAPLAN anywhere class/ questions, Saunders PN Comprehensive review and Mosby PN comprehensive. It is pretty expensive but it is all worth it especially KAPLAN $399. Study blue flash cards online helps as well.

    We must know our lab values and nutrition. With the Nclex is all random q's so we would never know whats going to be asked.

    Don't worry we all may not know it all but it is definitely the way we answer the questions. Read it and make sense of it, then eliminate the wrong answers, use ABC's, Assessments Vs Implementation... Make sure you evaluate each answers.

    Each day I would do at least 50 question so about 3000 questions total. Aim for at least 65-70% on each test. Make room for at least 3-4 hrs of studying a day.

    Relax the day before the exam and eat a good breakfast that morning and bring a water bottle.

    I hope this help and I wish everyone the best of luck!

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    Congrat, wishing you the best in future! Great tips I can hopefully use in the future.
  4. by   Nathifalr26
    Congratulations! I will keep this in mind when the time comes.
  5. by   Cindyt86
    Thank you and Good luck
  6. by   Cindyt86
    Thank you and Good luck !
  7. by   katiescow
    Congrats!!! Taking mine the 31st!!!
  8. by   Cindyt86
    Thank you and Good luck this 31st
  9. by   nursemami4
    Congrats and awesome job!! I too remember feeling so sick over the stress of knowing if I passed the first time I took my LPN boards in 2010. Was so happy with tears when I saw my license in the mail!! I'm now preparing for my RN boards and also using Kaplan and feel the anxiety all over again lol! So way to go and enjoy the feeling
  10. by   Cindyt86
    That's really great. I am on the job hunt right now and I am on a wait list for the RN program in 2015, yikes! I know you'll pass nursemami4 and thank you!
  11. by   nursemami4
    Thank you and good luck on your job search.