1. 0 Newly grad of PN school.. I was wondering if anyone has used the Saunders green book to prepare for the NCLEX. I've been doing around 200 questions each day and ATI's to prepare me for boards.
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    Im using the Saunders red book. I don't think it has much of a difference with the green book, but it is the most updated so that is why I am using it to review content. I also got the Lacharity book which is good for prioritization questions, but i suggest you start that like 2 weeks before you take your test. and im also doing the online free kaplan question which are really good. I take my test April 8, so I will post how it went. good luck!
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    Hopefully it covers what i need for my boards! I am also using kaplan pn guide... Good luck on your boards!! Keep me posted
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    Can you message me the website of the free Kaplan questions? can't find much that requires a payment -.-
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    I purchased the kaplan book and it came with questions. But i can send you a link of a website that has nclex style questions for free
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    You can get a free practice test on the main. Kaplan website, you just need to register with the site.

    Just go to 'find a free event'

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