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So my exam is march 18th and I can honestly say I'm tired of nclex already, part of me wants to just go and get it over with and part of me is saying "no your not ready, complete more q-trainers." Anyone feel like this sucks?!... Read More

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    Quote from Racer15
    You'll never feel ready. I scheduled my NCLEX as early as I could because I knew I'd just keep pushing the date back if I didn't. I knew I'd never study enough to feel confident about it, and setting the date forced me to just get it over with. Just buck up and do it, you'll be fine! And if you feel like you bombed it when you walk out of the testing will be in the majority. I don't know anyone that felt like they had kicked some NCLEX butt and passed, I know I figured I'd bombed it. But I did a-ok, as did the large majority of my classmates.
    Racer how did you study? Kaplan?

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    Hurst was all I did.
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    aww thanks for the info. anyone taking their nclex this april? im taking mine on april 17th.
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    I'm so done studying. I'm looking at my Hurst book, that I've been reviewing for about a month and a half! I understand the material I really do and I love Hurst! I learned more with Hurst than school, and I'm just being honest. I just want to pass and move on with my life. I take it this Monday. Every time I think about it, I get a nauseating feeling in my stomach! :***: Ughhh I guess I'll re-watch the videos

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