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    It worked for me. It took over a month for my license to be posted to the BoN website, so how fast your license appears is dependent on the procedures at your BoN. Even though I got the good pop up, I also paid the $5 for quick results for peace of mind while waiting for correspondence from the BoN.

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    HI ALL,
    I took NCLEX RN yesterday... and got home and did the pearson vue trick..and i got the "good" pop up--but now my question.. When it asks for my information.. do i register and when it asks "Have you ever taken an NCLEX exam before?"-- should I answer yes or no..or does it matter? Well, i'm really hoping I did it right because if I says "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time"
    I REALLY HOPE I PASSED...i can't take any more anxiety!! I've been through enough stress with nursing school!!
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    Just checked my board website. Its official..I passed.. The trick really works!
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    Trick WORKS!!! I passed!! Got the "good pop up" right after I finished my exam on Tuesday and today I got my quick results...and I passed!!!
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    Quote from Luvsunflower
    I know this question is asked all the time but I just want to be sure the Pearson trick REALLY works. I took NCLEX yesterday and I got all 265 questions and I left feeling like I totally bombed it.
    I did the trick and I got the good popup but I keep checking my states license board and I am not showing up.
    I just need some support
    Merged with existing thread for continuity
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    Hello guys, I took NCLEX-RN exam last September 7,2011 and the state that I applied to doesn't participate in quick results. My friend told me about the Pearson Vue Trick right after my exam, he said he re-registered and got the credit card page. I was really nervous because I'm not so certain about my answers during the exam. It felt like I'm floating and clicking whatever option that sounded right. I was disappointed after the exam. I did the PVTrick 3 days after and got the "good pop up". That's the only thing keeping me sane at that point. My friends who passed NCLEX-RN already told me that the trick really works and so I kept my hopes high but I'm not putting it into conclusion that I already passed. I was also reading almost all of the posts here and none did I see posts saying it failed. A week after the exam, I opted to call the board of nurse examiners to check on the result and to finally put an end to this anxiety. And YES! I PASSED NCLEX-RN! The person that I talked to told me that they already sent me the documents via snail mail so I will probably receive the mail in 2-3 weeks. IT IS THE LORD!
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    Well... I did get the good pop up, and I just found out that I passed
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    Does the PVT apply to states that do not use quick results. If so I guess I fail cause it took me straight to credit card details. I am also foreign candidate. Happy for all who pass and good luck to people like me waiting...
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    does anyone here tried the PVT trick for weeks after they took the exam and still they had good pop up sign? sorry for this stupid question.....i 'm so sick and tired of waiting since my BON does not participate in quick result....I have to wait 2 to 4 weeks for my official result.....even your ATT expires and u can't reapply if u failed....does your good pop up sign does not change even weeks of waiting??????PLS. HELP..........
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    Please somebody tell me what is the good pop up?
    I took the exam and I don't know what to look for (good pop up).

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