PearsonVue Trick?

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    I just took my boards this morning. I was stopped at 205. My sister and I took our boards together. When she does the "trick" it doesn't let her register but it allows me to. Does that mean I failed? Is there anyone that was also allowed to register but actually passed? Freaking out over here..
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    Someone please answer me Is there any chance for hope?
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    PearsonVue says that the trick isn't true. I'm not sure though. Try to relax!!! I know, easier said then done.
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    There are tons of posts already on this web site regarding the trick. For me it worked in 2011. Good luck!!!
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    I took it this morning ( Nclex ) I did the trick and it allowed me to register, I guess I failed according to the trick.
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    I hope it's not! Thank you
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    Well good luck! I hope you passed(:
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    I did the Pearsonvue trick! It didn't allow me to re-register, and I passed. However that was two yrs ago! They have probably fixed that myth/ glitch! So just pray, YOU GOT IT!!!
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    I took it the first time failed,.it allowed me to re register the secomd time i passed didnt let me re register Good luck
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    if you tried to register again and it directs you to the CC page it means you didn't got it. im answering you based on my experienced. my first take i failed. my 2nd take it didn't allowed me to register again and i passed. anyway you just finished the exam, try to relax and wait for the official result.