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PearsonVue Trick?

  1. 0 I just took my boards this morning. I was stopped at 205. My sister and I took our boards together. When she does the "trick" it doesn't let her register but it allows me to. Does that mean I failed? Is there anyone that was also allowed to register but actually passed? Freaking out over here..
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    Someone please answer me Is there any chance for hope?
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    PearsonVue says that the trick isn't true. I'm not sure though. Try to relax!!! I know, easier said then done.
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    There are tons of posts already on this web site regarding the trick. For me it worked in 2011. Good luck!!!
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    I took it this morning ( Nclex ) I did the trick and it allowed me to register, I guess I failed according to the trick.
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    I hope it's not! Thank you
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    Well good luck! I hope you passed(:
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    I did the Pearsonvue trick! It didn't allow me to re-register, and I passed. However that was two yrs ago! They have probably fixed that myth/ glitch! So just pray, YOU GOT IT!!!
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    I took it the first time failed,.it allowed me to re register the secomd time i passed didnt let me re register Good luck
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    if you tried to register again and it directs you to the CC page it means you didn't got it. im answering you based on my experienced. my first take i failed. my 2nd take it didn't allowed me to register again and i passed. anyway you just finished the exam, try to relax and wait for the official result.
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    I took my exam last Friday and it would not let me register! I passed, just try to re3lax and good luck to you!
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    I took my PN NCLEX 2 weeks ago and the trick works. It did not let me register and I passed. My classmates have been doing the trick and they had passed too. I believe in the trick 100%. If is letting you register most likely you failed. I'm sorry
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    I took NCLEX exam 1st time and it took me straight to the credit card page and allow me to pay another $200 dollars and it said "Delivery" at the bottom status.

    I took NCLEX exam 2nd time recently and I tried to register and it gave me this message "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time" and the Status says "Delivery Successful".
    I'm in Calif so it will take weeks to know when its mailed to me but everyone says its a good pop up and I believe it because last time I took it straight to CC page.