Pearson Vue Trick-Cashed Money- Interim Permit Still "current"?

  1. Hi all, I took the NCLEX in CA on Friday and almost ran out of time, got to 265 questions. I didn't answer any of the survey questions accurately just kept clicking next due to exhaustion and time. Got to my car and tried the Pearson Vue Trick and it charged my card I know it means 99% that it's a bad sign and I probably failed, but I'm wondering if anyone has any similar experience. Any chance the computer counted the incorrect answers and gave me the bad pop up and my card got charged? I know it's a long shot.
    Also my "pending status "was deleted last night on BREEZE now I can only see my LVN license and Interim Permit as "current" wouldn't they have deleted or cancelled my interim permit if I failed? Or not necessarily? Has anyone had their interim permit say current but they ended up failing? Thanks!
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  4. by   NurseApzy
    following, same thing I took nclex rn yesterday did the trick and use correct info of my cc, then charged me $200 and received email saying acknowledge registration waiting for my quick result though hopefully,miracle happen.Godbless to us
  5. by   BeachyRN26
    Good luck to you! I'll let you know my results, and pls keep me updated with yours. We don't have quick results in Ca
  6. by   BeachyRN26
    It's official, I failed PV Trick still works.
  7. by   NurseApzy
    How did you know that you failed? did you received the result right away?
  8. by   BeachyRN26
    I called the ca Brn and they confirmed I failed. Didn't want to waste any more time so I paid to reapply today.
  9. by   NurseApzy
    I guess I failed too, coz I received an email for new ATT.
  10. by   BeachyRN26
    Sorry to hear! $200 Pearson Vue and $150 to cali brn. Do you have to pay your board? We don't get a new att until we pay $150 and wait 8-10 weeks
  11. by   NurseApzy
    I don't think so we need to pay the board, coz they already sent me new att..Goodluck to us.. try and try.