Pearson Vue Trick NCLEX RN 2017 265 Questions Wisconsin - page 38

Hey all! I wanted to give a quick update to the Pearson Vue Trick (PVT) 2017. While looking for if the "trick" still worked, I didn't see much updated info, and wanted to hopefully alleviate some... Read More

  1. by   Canucker2014
    Oh, I heard you get the message before you process the payment. My bad!
  2. by   Hondashi
    If you receive the good popup an hour after the test, does it change after 24 hours? People have been telling me you can have the bad popup and after 24 hours you get the good one. If you already have the good one does that mean you're set?
  3. by   delician
    I read somewhere that (in some states) you can go on the state licensure database and type up your name to see if you have one
    No risking $200
    Havent taken my NCLEX yet but I will surely give that a try before I do the PVT
    Someone let me know if that works
  4. by   nyqs81
    So I took my RN exam on 2/16.

    I did the PVT three times afterwards - Two hours, eight hours, and after 24 hours. I got the good popup every time and found out today that I passed.

    I didn't use an expired CC. I put all of the real information in.
  5. by   Nerissamclr
    Ok, so I took the exam 2/23 test stopped after approx 100-105 questions and 2 1/2 hours (I prayed I wouldn't get the full 265 as I was so tired w/ a massive headache) after 2 months of studying I felt as if I had guessed on almost a third of the questions and I was sure that I had failed driving home. I completed the test around 4-430 pm and once I got home I did the PVT at 9pm and got the good popup. I had entered all the correct card information since I was going to retake it asap if I had failed anyway so it didn't matter to me and I ended up getting the "good popup" I had read of on another website. I tried it again twice the following morning and night and it was the same. Today I found out that I passed! By the way I didn't want to waste 8 dollars unnecessarily so if you live in florida just check on the license verification site like I did. I assume there's similar sites for other states. FL DOH MQA Search Portal | License Verification
    Also I just used Hurst to study/practice (plus my notes)
  6. by   nalie2
    I'm in California and we don't have quick results. I promised myself I wouldn't do the PVT, but I did anyway. I did the PVT after receiving an email from Pearson confirming I completed the exam. I used a prepaid gift card to ensure I was not actually charged. Tested on Saturday 02/24/18 and finished in 75 questions. I got the good pop up and saw my license info on 02/27/18. After getting the good pop up it helped relieve my anxiety. I went from feeling like I failed to feeling good. Thanks to everyone who posted on this thread because it kept my hope alive.
  7. by   hsnurse2018
    Hello all!


    I'm from Toronto, did the PVT after i did 265 questions, took me almost the whole time - and got the good pop-up, 7 days later - got the letter and I PASSED! Still can't believe it, but i'm so glad.

    I was kinda upset though, cause the questions i got in the beginning didn't seem too difficult and i thought I was getting them all right, but i guess i wasn't since it didn't stop at 75 and took me all the way to 265.

    ANYWAY - i did the test at 8 am - finished around 2 and then did the trial questions after. Was out at about 2:30 pm. Got home and did the PVT around 4:30 pm - which is when i got the good pop-up.

    I used uworld and also used Mark Kilemick - he's very good.

    Uworld - very good questions and rationales.
    Mark Kilemick - just a boss. He gives really good advise that kept me calm and cool, "if the test is still going, you still have a shot at passing", I kept telling myself, especially during my breaks, since i was so disappointed that it didn't stop at 75.

    Also - don't go in thinking you will finish at 75 - go in thinking you will do all 265.

    Prayer also helps a great deal. God knows how hard you work and how hard you have tried. God knows best, and when its your time, it will happen. Just gotta keep trying and stay positive.

    By the way - this was my 4th attempt. Thank God this will be my last.

  8. by   hsnurse2018
    Also - i wanted to thank all the people who post about their experiences here.

    I always thought that if you go to 265 - you have already failed, but after i read about the numerous success people had at 265 - i was very positive going into the exam. It reduced a lot of anxiety for me. As the test kept going, remembering people passing at high questions was a big motivator for me to stay focused - so thank you all!!

  9. by   brownsugar2018
    Took nclexx feb 28, @1pm today is March 2, computer shut off 85q,, i sign into Pearson and were is say recently scheduled, the message says cant schedule any test at this time... I didnt do the trick w card number because I dont want to loose 200?any advise at this point?
  10. by   hsnurse2018
    It shouldn't take your money. The only thing it will do, is either reject your payment, or take it and book send you another ATT. If you have passed and it took your money, i'm sure you can call and get your money back.

    All the best!