Pearson Vue 48 hr Quick Results: Do the weekends count?

  1. 0 For those who have taken their NCLEX on a Thursday or Friday (making 48 hrs after the test occur during the weekend). Were your results still available 48 hrs after the test? It says they will be available 48 "business hours" after the test. I took it Friday at 8am so my 48 hrs will be Sunday at 8am. Just wondering if the quick results will be delayed until monday? Thanks!
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    I took mine on a Saturday and my quick results didn't show up until Tuesday. My results were on hold so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. But it ended up being 72 hours from the exact time I finished my exam.
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    Oh, no fun! Thanks for your reply!
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    The weekend didn't make a difference for me. I got my results right at 8am this am! I passed :-)
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    Just use the PVT. It's free
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    Quote from BostonFNP
    Just use the PVT. It's free
    I did that too, but I still wanted to see the word "pass" :-)

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