Passing the NCLEX!

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    Hello to u all,
    Im new to all nurses and I just joined 2day I've been browsing around and reading some stories that are so encouraging and motivating to me....

    About my story:
    I've graduated from nusing school some yrs ago and I've takin the NCLEX 5x's and has yet to b successful in passing it. This exam has defeated me and the (fear) of not passing this exam has made me very depressed. Throughout the course of the yrs there has been many obsticales that I had to overcome while studying over and over again and takin review course after review course I've found that my motivation and determination is at an all time low but I know that I can and will never give up until I have once and for all passed this test it's just so hard at times and Im so ready to b done with it so that I can move on with my life. I've read about some people using exam cram and Hurts review can someone please let me know if they were helpful and how can I purchase exam cram, Im open to feedback and with that being said please don't judge me and thanx for allowin me to share. I NEED HELP!!....

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    First off WELCOME to Allnurses ...just some suggestions on where to purchase books. Do you have a Barnes and Nobles bookstore near you? If not you can go on their website or even use In the meantime check and see if your local library carries Exam Cram or any other NCLEX books that you may want to read over. Most important keep checking in with us here on Allnurses.....theres a wealth of information on here and lots of encouragement from fellow members (they've helped me so much too). Stay WILL pass!!!
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    I wish I can help you I haven't pass the nclex either. But definitely read post from people who pass they share the strategies they used lots of good advice. Have faith me yourself. Im glad you havent gave up. Goodluck to both of us!
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    Thanx mommyof2Tees!!
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    Hey mcunanan thanx for the encouragement and I've decided a long time ago that giving up is not an option the Lord didn't bring us this far not to succeed it's just realizing that patience is a virtue and when he's ready for me to have my license I will!....and good luck to u as well Lord please give us strength
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    Hi, you have Skype ?I can share some study materials if you are interested.
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    Hi there nope I don't have skype my laptop doesn't even have a camera but I do appreciate ur willingness to share! btw im tryna figure out how to set the correct time for my post cause it's actually 11:25a.m. where I'm at and also can u tell me how to post a comment directly to a person?....Im tryna get familiar with the site
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    Is there a way that u can share the hurts via e-mail June2012?
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    Is there a way that u can share the hurts via e-mail June2012?

    I will try whats your email ? Yeah i don't know why it shows different time here.
    you mean you want to quote someone's post like this ?? Just click on Quote ..
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