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I want to share my experience with others. I could not afford $400-$500 on a review course. I used the Hurst review book ($50) - great for content summaries. Lippincotts "NCLEX Made Incredibly Easy"... Read More

  1. by   IloveNursing2214
    Quote from kemifair
    Thank u alum I need all the encouragement that I can.
    I wish you the best. Try to do as many question from many sources as you can. Some people are smart and know they info, but are horrible at test taking....maybe that's you? Figure that out. If i can help, please let me know. Good Luck.
  2. by   kemifair
    Yes if u can help I would appreciate it. I am good with content but I have to apply it.
  3. by   CrazierThanYou
    I didn't do a prep course either. I used the Saunder's CD and the Hurst Review Book. I thought the test was super easy and I passed with 75 questions.

    Personally, I think prep courses are a money racket. I'm sure they help some people but I know most of the people in my class that took it probably didn't really need it. Our school really pushed Kaplan and almost everyone bought into the hype.
  4. by   davi000
    hi billo,
    i did my nsg in 2003.from india too. so i am taking in march. because test will b more difficult after 31 try to take before. just give it try. study hard. may be god will help us. this is mine 2nd time too. but last time i even didnt touch the books. just wanted to see how it looks like. this time i am studying a lot since june. but i keep forgetting the one i read couple months before. so i decided now take 25 days off work. then try it. before even i just didnt want to take .because it was too long gap.didnt want to be bookworm again. whole life was like study study study.
    but now tired to working as cna. i just want try one time now.i am really want to be done .i think i can do it. but GOD knows. good luck to u .