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Hello fellow and future nurses! Before going in to take the NCLEX for the third time, I promised myself that when I passed the beast I would post my experience to encourage and motivate others, as... Read More

  1. by   jayjaybsnrn
    wow! congratulations @NurseJTG! did the NCSBN review helped u a lot? im planning to take it too but im still deciding whether im gonna take the nclex rn review for 3 weeks or their international course package. can u recommend or share ur experience with their review.. Thank you!
  2. by   NurseJTG
    Yes, as stated by Bella2917 you can find it on the study guide found on allnurses.
  3. by   NurseJTG
    NCSBN is great if you need to practice answering NCLEX type questions. The actual test is very straight forward as far as its questions go and I think NCSBN does a great job of mimicking it. I will however say that for me, NCLEX-3500 helped me the most, and its free. Answering questions is definitely a skill and its up to you to practice so many questions that you learn this skill. Good Luck!
  4. by   NurseJTG
    Good luck to you! Stay strong and confident and you will pass! Remember...what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Let us know how you do! @jpinay28
  5. by   sweety_les07
    Congratulations RN!

    I will be retaking NCLEX in May. I've been through a couple of grief on my failures but I know this time, I will pass. Very inspiring story, indeed. You have motivated me. Thanks for sharing your story.
  6. by   clemenine
    Congratulation , and thanks for encouragement . I will be going for a second time
  7. by   Lorirfrommontana
    Congrats! I've known several very good nurses who had to take the test more than once. They new the material but were not good test takers. It happens!
  8. by   NurseJTG
    Thank you! Positive thinking leads to positive results. Keep up the work and you will indeed be and RN soon!
  9. by   NurseJTG
    Thank you and good luck to you!
  10. by   NurseJTG
    Thank you! I completely agree.
  11. by   neliztanee
    Quote from NurseJTG
    Thank you! Positive thinking leads to positive results. Keep up the work and you will indeed be and RN soon!
    Your words just enlightened me. I'll be taking nclex on the april 10th. Must think positive right now, despite the pressures (like really big pressures) i've been going through. Will be praying a lot. Thanks.
  12. by   NurseJTG
    Prayer definitely kept me calm and confident! Find what helps you relax and concentrate and stick with that method until you see your name and an RN next to it. @neliztanee
  13. by   bluebonnet12
    Quote from NurseJTG
    Hello, I used NCSBN learning extension for 3 weeks ($50). Saunders comprehensive review 5th edition. Linda LaCharity prioritization, delegation, and assignment. These were the only things I used for my third attempt but I felt that NCSBN was the most helpful. Best of luck!
    Thanks for the inspiration. Going to take my second and hopefully God grant that it'll be my last. I used saunders too and was not able to finish it before i took my first attempt. After i found out that i failed, i purchased PDA by la charity and as of the moment on the last case study 21. I will also go for ncsbn learning extension soon. Question: after you studied pda, did u review it again?