Passed NCLEX-RN on third try! - page 2

Hello fellow and future nurses! Before going in to take the NCLEX for the third time, I promised myself that when I passed the beast I would post my experience to encourage and motivate others, as... Read More

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    Congrats! Thanks for sharing your story

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    Quote from NurseJTG
    The only way I could remember infection control was through the mneumonics I found somewhere on this site. (Spiderman, MRS WEE, My Chicken has TB). this was very helpful and helped me answer those questions on the actual NCLEX. Best of luck
    what do they mean? the spiderman, mrs wee and chicken?
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    It's an acronym.for all the precautions....u can get it on the 35 page review
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    wow! congratulations @NurseJTG! did the NCSBN review helped u a lot? im planning to take it too but im still deciding whether im gonna take the nclex rn review for 3 weeks or their international course package. can u recommend or share ur experience with their review.. Thank you!
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    Yes, as stated by Bella2917 you can find it on the study guide found on allnurses.
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    NCSBN is great if you need to practice answering NCLEX type questions. The actual test is very straight forward as far as its questions go and I think NCSBN does a great job of mimicking it. I will however say that for me, NCLEX-3500 helped me the most, and its free. Answering questions is definitely a skill and its up to you to practice so many questions that you learn this skill. Good Luck!
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    Good luck to you! Stay strong and confident and you will pass! Remember...what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Let us know how you do! @jpinay28
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    Congratulations RN!

    I will be retaking NCLEX in May. I've been through a couple of grief on my failures but I know this time, I will pass. Very inspiring story, indeed. You have motivated me. Thanks for sharing your story.
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    Congratulation , and thanks for encouragement . I will be going for a second time
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    Congrats! I've known several very good nurses who had to take the test more than once. They new the material but were not good test takers. It happens!

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