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    hi everyone,

    i took nclex pn april 28, 2012 at 12:00 noon. my exam stop at 88 questions. alot of sata's, 2 drop and drag, 1 exhibit, 1 calculations, standard precautions (pneumonic: spiderman, mrs. wee, vchips), and pray to god without him i couldn't make it. i wish you all good luck who are about to take nclex, and ready to take nclex. singed out! pearson vue tricks worked for me!!! i am now a licensed vocational nurse!!!
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    Congratulations, new nurse!
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    congratulations!!! this is good news!
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    Thank you, TheCommuter! Tc
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    Thank you, Amy'sGrandbaby! Tc
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    Thank you, mommyof2Tees! Tc
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    Thank you, JENURSE03! Tc
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