1. hi everyone,

    i took nclex pn april 28, 2012 at 12:00 noon. my exam stop at 88 questions. alot of sata's, 2 drop and drag, 1 exhibit, 1 calculations, standard precautions (pneumonic: spiderman, mrs. wee, vchips), and pray to god without him i couldn't make it. i wish you all good luck who are about to take nclex, and ready to take nclex. singed out! pearson vue tricks worked for me!!! i am now a licensed vocational nurse!!!
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    Congratulations, new nurse!
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    congratulations!!! this is good news!
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    Thank you, TheCommuter! Tc
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    Thank you, Amy'sGrandbaby! Tc
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    Thank you, mommyof2Tees! Tc
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    Thank you, JENURSE03! Tc
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    Hi caliotter3, Thank you! tc
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    hi congratulations.

    could you please share with me what materials you studided to pass nclex pn? and in your opeinion what material was the most useful and helpful? thank you for your input.


    hi karen2012,

    thank you! i studied 4 books saunders green book comprehensive edition 4th study mode-client content do all questions read rationale right & wrong, pda i only do chapters, exam cram study mode all questions read rationale right & wrong, kaplan online do all qbank questions from qbank 50 questions everyday, watch lod follow with your kaplan book, target score for qbank is 60% but try to maintain 50% and above not below 50% also do your readiness test try to get 60% and above score if you can. the last thing is i prayed to god for help pass nclex. i wish you good luck for your studying and praying for you to pass nclex. tc and god bless us.
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    karen2012, also 1-2 weeks before your exam memories your lab values, & Standard precautions Pneumonic (Spiderman, Mrs. Wee, VChips). Good luck!