Passed nclex on my Third trial after graduating 3 years ago

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    Hi !!!! to all my NCLEX family. I am so grateful for all the tips and encouragement i got from you all, may GOD continue to use us to inspire others. I graduated from nursing school 3 years ago, took the Nclex RN examination 2 times within a year and failed with 75 questions- meaning i did really bad. i told myself i will not give up but will study more harder since it been over 2 years i lastly took the exam. i prayed and ask for God's Devine intervention and he did for me with 255 questions. I ran out of time and had 255 questions and thought i had failed. Depressed and dejected i refused to check my exam until today when i got the letter indicating that I have PASSED. Have faith in yourself and believed in God, he will help you accomplish your mission. DON'T GIVE UP.
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    All Right! Congratulations!
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    Thank you all.
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    Hey, congratulations on passing the exam!! I graduated from a foreign school almost 4 years ago, and have taken the nclex 4 times!! once every year! life got in the way and other family issues.. but this time, i am going to take the nclex as much as i can within a year. I would like to know what you did different this time that made you pass it, and what resources were excellent for you! I do need alot of content review since ibe been out of school for so long. thank you in advance
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    Anything is possible when God is in the details! I hope to be in your shoes since this is my third try as well!
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    nwuats - congrats to you. I admire you so much for your determination. Welcome to the 2014 RN club
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    What did you use to study

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