Passed nclex on 5th try! Pvt trick works!

  1. I want to start off by saying this: "God may not come when you want him to, but when he come HE'S RIGHT ON TIME!" I graduated from a private nursing school in Highland Heights, OH May 2011. So much stuff has happened from then to October 25th 2013. Life happened, from having a baby, to a break up, to family issues, to job issues, to relocating, to having more job issues etc. etc.! Long story short, I took the NCLEX 4 times without preparing, just trying to take it hoping that I would pass off of knowledge gained from school! Well, it took me 4 times to realize, that I won't pass like that. I'm a certified phlebotomist and CNA, so my hospital skills are pefect. I also worked as a ED tech, but "real life" knowledge and skill will not help in the "NCLEX" hospital. It was 2 sources that I used for a content refresher, HURST REVIEW & SYLVIA RAYFIELD! I did not use anything else. I didn't even have to read any NCLEX books. I used NCLEX 3500 for questions.

    On the 4th try, I used Kaplan and I must say, with Kaplan, that is a perfect review course for "METHOD" not content review. Kaplan is good for a student fresh out of school. I took Kaplan 1.5 years after graduating school. It did not help me, because when you're doing poorly on the NCLEX, you will notice that you're getting knowledge based questions which are much harder, because you can't figure them out, either you know it or you don't. So Kaplan only help those who's strong in content already, that way you can get to the higher level questions and you will be able to utilize they're method.

    Hurst and Syliva Rayfield are excellent content review courses. Worth every penny! Between the both of these, Sylvia Rayfield is the review course that's the best. She's awesome and thorough! I think if I didn't include this review course, I wouldn't passed. All of the 75 questions I got on my NCLEX, with the exception of the 3 math questions, she reviewed! She's not only good for the NCLEX, but she's good at helping you be an excellent nurse in the work field. I took the online review for both courses!

    So in my opinion for those who are in my situation, couldn't pass the NCLEX on the 1st try, take Sylvia Rayfield if nothing else, and do questions everyday using NCLEX 3500! I don't like reading, actually it put me to sleep each time, so the lectures helped me retain informaiton!

    I tried the PVT Trick October 25th 2013 and it said "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Boards for further assistance.
    Another registration cannot be made at this time." I tried to re-register like 10 times, even this morning and I still got the same pop up. It says that my results have been sent so it's not in a pending status or anything like that and my test cut off at 75 so I take it as I passed finally, I thank God because without him I wouldn't had the endurance or strength to keep going!

    Good luck and God bless you all! Like I was doing, I had to read other people posts in my situation in order for me not to lose hope, so I hope I gave hope to someone that's in my past situation!
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    CONGRATULATIONS! Perseverance & hard work paid off
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    Congrats Nurse!!
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    Quote from sierrataylorrn
    Hi~ Congrats and goodluck to you and Thanks for sharing your very encouraging Experience to us!

    Kindly e-mail me @ I have a questions to you! Thanks!
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    Thanks everyone & congrats to you too! I think Sylvia Rayfield was 410. Excellent content course! Better than any professor I've had and she's not boring.
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    Congratulations on passing!!! I just found out I passed my NCLEX-RN Oct 25, 2013 and wanted to let everyone know my experience with "Pearsonvue Trick" It worked for me and gave me peace of mind (a little piece of mind) for that evening after I had taken my boards. Then found out the next day I passed. Have also talked with a couple people you were forwarded to the credit card page and did not pass. So, hopefully this information might give some of you a little reassurance prior to receiving your official results.
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    Yes Mindy and thanks and congrats to you! I've researched like crazy and no one got the "pop" up and failed. Everyone that got the pop up passed! Plus, I failed 4 times prior and with all the fails I went straight to the CC page. This time, it stopped at 75 and 10 minutes after the test it says "delivery successful" and it stated the good pop up. YAY to us!
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    @Miniangel2 I emailed you. Check your spam folder too just in case.
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    did you go to ats?
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    congrats hard work pays off
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    Thank you for the encouragement. "I've got confidence"