Passed nclex 1st time. I know it's long but pls read all!

  1. Hello everyone!

    I left a really long post here before the site crashed and unfortunately, my post went with it. But, I'll post a more condensed version of it.
    So before passing my boards, I told God that WHEN I passed (because I tried my best to think POSITIVELY), I would tell everyone what He has done and keeps doing for me in my life.

    [This site has also helped give me advice and inspiration during nursing school and before my nclexrn that I want to give back and hopefully inspire or so something for someone else seeking help. ]

    I took 3 weeks between the time I graduated to the time I took the test to study. Stats apparently show that taking it sooner than later increases your chances of passing and I agree, however, if you are taking it later, I feel that as long as you're totally focused and continue studying you should be fine.

    Let me tell you, I was a wreck! Palpitations randomly through the day, my stomach felt as though it was twisting inside out...just plain horrible. [Every single time that happens to you, I challenge you to claim that you have overcome the victory ALREADY in His name.]

    I took Kaplan (opinion:great resource!) and used other resources if I didn't understand a concept. My scores were around the 46-60. Only once did I get a 70 on a qbank test. DO NOT LET THESE SCORES DISCOURAGE YOU!!!!!! Focus on learning HOW to answer the questions. Know WHY you're getting them wrong and HOW you can answer that type of questions correctly the next time you get it again. Critically think! This skill we will keep exercising throughout our careers, why not start now?

    For those of you who may not feel ready... You wont feel completely ready! (Rarely, and I mean VERY rarely do people feel really "ready" to take the NCLEX.) NCLEX is extremely random & there is no way for one nurse to know EVERY SINGLE THING about everything... Even doctors have to look things up once in a while. Just do your best on focusing on the main diseases. For Pharm, focus on classifications and the SE's that differ from the rest, or the SE's that are life threatening to the patient. Know infection control-which disease go under ie. droplet, airborne. etc., also what to wear when going into the rooms. I had a handful of these types of questions.

    NCLEX is testing your ability to be a safe nurse and technically only requires you to be at least 75% competent (hence, 75 minimum questions). When looking at questions, even if you haven't see the disease, medication or intervention before, look at the options and think, "what is the safest?" "What will PREVENT harm to my patient?" SAFETY SAFTEY SAFETY! I cannot stress this enough. I know this saved me tons on my test.

    I truly believe that God is the one that has got me this far. He gives us the strength, the resources to overcome fears. When you are starting to feel discouraged while taking your test, close your eyes, take a deep breath, slowly breathe out and PRAY.

    God has gotten you this far and He will never leave you nor forsake you. He has plans for your life and all you need to do it believe it that. Claim His promises.

    For Non-believers: JUST STAY POSITIVE!!!!

    If you need more inspiration, read the many posts here on
    --> Must reads!

    -Super Helpful from SenseiRN:

    December, 2011 I passed my boards and 1 1/2 months after I got hired into a new graduate program, blessed with a wonderful manager and great staff. I really hope this has inspired someone.

    If you end up failing, which don't feel so bad. [Hey, at least you wont have to do nursing school ALL over before you take the test again. ] Take a breather, treat yourself to some ice cream and start studying again, thinking nothing but POSITIVES. ***REMEMBER: Sometimes God gives delays to show the magnitude of the miracle. *** Don't question Him, He knows what He is doing for your life and only has the absolute BEST in mind.

    Thank you so much for reading the whole thing...

    Also, if you were wondering. PVT works!!!

    P.S. Thank you to the awesome people who have inspired and helped me when I needed it.. If I could name every one of you individually I would, unfortunate I went on so many threads I can't recall all. So I would like like to say a general "THANK YOU SO MUCH & God bless!"
    (This is what I call condensed?...haha! Imagine how long my other post was! )
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  3. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    What a beautiful post. God deserves all the glory for me passing as well!
  4. by   MiracleRN21
    NurseLoveJoy88: Congratulations! Thank you! How Great is our God?
  5. by   purplechicxiii
    This was really inspiring! Thank you for sharing! and CONGRATULATIONS! To GOD be all the glory!!
  6. by   darengibo
    As I prepare to take the NCLEX on 2/18, the words of wisdom from my wonderful wife "God carried you this far, He is not going to drop you now" is replaying in my head.
    Thanks for the wonderful post!
  7. by   MiracleRN21
    @purplechicxii :Thank you and you've very welcome! I'm glad God could use me this way.

    @darengibo :YES! Great words of advice from your dear wife. I agree completely. You're welcome. I'll pray for you!
  8. by   MiracleRN21
  9. by   lc1028
    thank you for this wonderful post! being that my test is only 3 days away i am feeling the anxiety and pressure mount up. but i keep reminding my self that i need to stay positive. and i pray pray pray all the time asking for God's guidance. This was beautifully written and very inspiring.

    @darengibo- thoses are wonderful words of advice!

    good luck to everyone and keep me in your prayers this monday!!!
  10. by   Dragonfly777
    Thanks for the words and yes!!!! u have definitely inspired me....I have failed boards twice w hurst as my only source.....and getting ready...for my third try this coming has been going down a bit after two tries and no results....but theres a spark in my heart to keep believing I can do you say I don't know what are his plans...all i have to believe is that it's for the best.....pray for me !! thanks my name is Litizie
  11. by   RDay4Peds
    Regarding the Original author. Congratulations - and What a wonderful post. I too graduated Dec 2011 with my BSN and took the boards yesterday (was it just yesterday?). I too was a nervous wreck but left it feeling pretty good - I got 75 questions. Yes they were "hard", but they made sense. While working as a "Student Nurse Tech" today at my local Children's Hospital for what will now be the last day - I checked the BON site and found that instead of "pending" it said "active" and I had my license number!

    Regarding NCLEX - I agree with what you've posted and would emphasize again for all those who are still studying and can't wait to have the next chapter in their lives begin: Try to find as many questions *with rationales* for the answers as you can. And.. looking at the rationales behind *each and every* question.. the ones you got right and the ones you got wrong (especially) is probably the most helpful.

    I did ATI (including their relatively inexpensive iPhone app) the most since it was included with my tuition at school and I think that helped me a lot. I *highly* recommend them, as their customer service is excellent. Saunders and Kaplan's books were great. I did NOT do a review class as I think ATI and school prepared me well.

    I am blessed that I have my dream job as a Pediatric Nurse (RN) waiting for me on Monday ... Dreams really do come true! You just have to work your butt off for them and give thanks to those who help you along the way.
  12. by   mommyof2Tees
    Thank you for sharing your story....very inspiring!! And CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  13. by   ships
    congratulation........your post is too much helpful to me it inspire me for exam.....thanks a lot ........god bless u.....
  14. by   MiracleRN21
    lc1028: I'm so happy I was able to help someone. (: Staying positive and praying is the best thing you can do! My prayers for you are coming your way. Let me know how it goes. YOU GOT THIS!!!!

    Dragonfly777: Litizie, you are definitely in my prayers as well! I'm sure it can be really discouraging but keep up the good fight. Just as @darengibo posted.. "God carried you this far, He is not going to drop you now". We don't always understand why things happen..but keep up your faith in the One who provides all and when He sees fit you will pass. YOU WILL PASS THIS TIME. 3rd time is a charm. Let me know how it goes after, as well.

    RDay4Peds: congratulations on passing the boards and landing your dream job!!!! Super happy for you! Thank you for posting more advice and inspiring words for others to read on here. I heard the ATI course was really good too. My school used some of ATI as well. I 100% agree with looking at every rationale; wrong and right. Good luck with everything, RN! :redpinkhe