Pass nclex on the 7th try - page 3

Before I pls pardon my grammar because I'm testing from my phone. The story begins; I graduated from nursing school in 2011 may. I took the nclex first time in October failed with 75, question, feb... Read More

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    Great!! You owe this to yourself, YOU will get that title next to your name! Yes, those notes helped. Memorize the infection control part. I think that part of the exam increased so really know them. And I also had PDA I answered chapters 1-18 I didn't do any of the case study, didn't have time. I did this 2 days before my exam. You will PASS, wish you luck! Smile!

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    Hi what study guide and books. Did you use am preparing to face it for second time please help advice
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    Quote from clemenine
    Hi what study guide and books. Did you use am preparing to face it for second time please help advice
    I used NCLEX 3500, PDA, Kaplan strategies 2012-2013 book, Kaplan Q trainers (honestly I only did a few) and Saunders 5th edition book only to look up things I wasn't familiar with or my weak areas. NCLEX 3500 has a good SATA section. Just keep practicing questions and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY most importantly. You'll get it next time. Keep your head up.
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    Thank you my friend for a good advice , as if you know me you have touched my weakness am weak in select all that apply . As you said am going to keep my head up instead of puting it down god bless you!!
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    Oloj1 hey I'm so happy for you I have question my score are around 55 to 58% on Kaplan qbank and also with 1-5 trainer should I just do qbank questions and do study guid for 35 pages and do la chairty and question frm the Saunders book after every chapter. Plz advise me.

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