out of school 5 years need help studying for nclex

  1. I graduated in May 2008 and I have taken the test twice. After the 2nd time of failing I took the Kaplan course and a month after I was going to set my date to test my father was diagnosed with brain cancer. I have struggled the past few years trying to keep my focus and to keep a positive outlook on this test but I get discouraged easily. Before my father passed I made a promise to him that I would get this passed but I keep making excuses for not studying. I have tried NCSBN review as well and liked it but wasnt sure if there was something else out there that could help me get focused and refreshed on the nursing content. I need help!! I want and need to pass this test for my RN. I didnt go to school just to sit in the secretaries desk and watch all the new nurses come and go at my hospital.
    This is something that I have tried hard for but has not come easily to me. In school I struggled but I passed that was what was important. I may not have made straight A's but with B's and high C's I made it. I unfortunately dont test very well and its not really anxiety Im ususally calm when I go in to test but I tend to over think the questions and then of course make mistakes. After I took the NCLEX-RN for the second time I had almost passed I was only below passing on a couple of areas. If there is anyone out there that is or has been in similar shoes as I, I would greatly appreciate your input/advice. Thank you in advance for any and all help.
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  3. by   Miniangel2
    Hi, I am so sorry to hear that your Father passed away,..My Condolence to you and your Family. And to your Nclex Exam, I know how you feel coz I did not Pass my second try too.,and right now I am studying very hard and i need to stop working so I have more time to focus and concentrate to study, I graduated 1997 (yes) and Forgot the world of nursing, I took my first Nclex Aug. 2007 and 2nd was last June 2012 and am so unprepared due to so many going on to my life (drama) lol (I know everyone) has it! Plus, i dont know what Material tools and Books and idea &how to really study for Nclex, Anyway, I came here, to visit if I got time to read stories and experience for those who passed and Failed, so very helpful and l got advised and encouragement and TIPS, Please,like what you said,you are, right don't just sit down and look at your co workers nurse come back and forth going to the hospital and work, Beacase, You could be a Nurse too like them,you made it your Nursing thru all years! And you almost there! A Lot of nurses here ,like me, are one of the examples, Graduated looooong time a go.. And this is The life i want to be in a Nursing field,,,I am like you, sometimes,I got excuses, and proscastinating to study, specially if i am TIRED but now i changed myself i realized my time is just waisting and I am so really dedicated and determined to Pass it! Sorry, I have a very long comment!! Let me know hows goin on to you,Please read more here in AN for study material,advise,Tips,encouragement and most important PRAYERS, yes i am a BELIEVER that GOD will going to HELP to THOSE who HELP themselves..

    SO, now I need to Learned and Practice NCLEX KNOWLEDGE and Practice Anwer & Questions and Read Rationales and read the CONTENT deeper...Thank you for your time reading my POSTS..Goodluck to you!
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    Hi! Your story sounds so similiar to mine! (except for the passing of a family member i am so sorry to hear). But i know exactly how you feel i graduated a year and a half ago, took the test twice. Thinking of the test gives me anxiety and im so scared to fail again. If you ever want to study together on skype or facetime just let me know! i am willing to try anything to pass!!! studying with other people always seemed to help me the most.
  5. by   TRR8021
    You should probably take an instructor led review class like the one by Kaplan. Also, did your school use ATI? If so, maybe you can ask the nursing department at your alma mater for the codes to do the review tests online? I would tell them your situation. You are their graduate so they want you to pass NCLEX too! Those will help you with content and get you used to taking a test online, but in actuality, the NCLEX exam is much easier than ATI, in my opinion. So if you can tackle the ATI review, you'll be in good shape! You'll need a good NCLEX review book, too. My school recommended Saunders so that's what I used.

    If you can't afford the Kaplan review course, write out a study schedule and stick to it. Block out certain hours of the day exclusively for studying so you don't get side-tracked or start procrastinating. Having a study partner is great if you're that kind of learner. Personally, I never liked study groups and can focus better on my own. Good luck. You can do it! You already conquered nursing school, got your pin, graduated, and now you will pass NCLEX and have RN after your name!
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