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old questions.

  1. 0 I have a question. My last exam I did 4, 000 questions including kaplan. I did saunders Q&A 2009. Do u think the date of the questions have anything to do with the exam because I know questions change every year.
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    The books aren't exactly the same year after year, my understanding is that they adjust fire based on what the concentration of the test is going to be. If it's all you have i think it's better than nothing but keep in mind that things do change over time so while 98% of the book is probably correct there is a chance that some information contained may be out of date and thus incorrect. Good luck on your test
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    I have 3 copies of the Kaplan Strategies book 2008 2009 2012 & they are all exactly the same but that's just that book...the covers are different tho