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  1. 0 I heard a rumor at school today that one of the changes is that every question will now have a "all of the above" or "none of the above". Also someone said there will be short answer questions. The teacher who said this is pretty flighty so I thought I'd see if anyone knew
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    i think to verify that, check it on the ncsbn website...i took nclex last thurs and never encountered all of the above or none of the above...good luck to you... just study the content and learn test-taking strategies..
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    When I was in LPN school right before we graduated in Aug 2003, I remember a teacher saying the test would soon be having fill in the blank (math mostly) and alternative format questions. I took the NCLEX PN in Oct that year and it was ALL multiple choice, needless to say when my cousin took it it had fill in the blank and alt format and that was 2 years ago. So it may be true in the future. I just took the NCLEX RN yesterday and there wasnt any all of the above, or none of the above on the test. Not to say there wont ever be, because they do update the tests in April (every 3 yrs I think, not sure. Check their site)
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    However the questions are worded or whatever the format, you will have to know the material in order to be able to answer them correctly.
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