Need some input, NCLEX next Tuesday 7/31/12

  1. Just wondering if anybody out there had any suggestions on how to spend these next six days studying. I need to pass this thing so bad. What do you think of the idea of just doing questions up until next Tuesday. What is the most important things that I should high light on. I just want to get pass this in my life. I have taken it several times and I need your alls input. I would appreciate it. Good Luck to all future test takers!
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  3. by   Joe N635DC
    Do a quick review of each area of practice with special emphasis on your weak areas. Also it would not be a bad Idea to review meds and labs as these are things that can be touched on with just about every patient scenario. Review 5-10 ECG patterns, effect of potassium on "t" and "u" waves and how to measure HR using the ECG strip. Additionally make sure you are familier with all anotomical terms (adduction, abduction, different signs [like homans sign]) as you WILL get questions that incorperate these and will make you differentiate between some answers that sound very alike.
  4. by   blynn9173
    Thanks for the reply. I will look those things up. Just pray that I pass this time.
  5. by   Joe N635DC
    One more thing. SATA questions are a mean animal, and you will see them. They are a love / hate relationship, we hate them because they are hard but by the same token we love seeing them show up because they (usually) indicate that we are doing well and are probably close to meeting the passing standard. There really isnt any way to prepare for these other than knowing your **** inside out but there are a few strategies you can use to pick them apart. Even so though they are still hard to tackle.


    Treat each one as a true false

    As you evaluate each option try to imagine a scenario where it could be the right answer or not

    Look for similarities between the options, if the question stems from preventing complications of renal failure and gives you dietary options to include or exclude, look for the similarities between the foods. What has protien? What has carbs? Ask yourself what types of things you are trying to include or avoid and the answers will present themselves.

    It can sometimes be like looking for the zebra. Please identify all of the fruits. Options: Banana, keyboard, Pear, orange, tomato. Even if you dont know the answer you can start grouping things that go together and consider which group is more likely to be correct.

    Lastly - DO NOT just blow past these questions! If you are getting these then you could be really really close to passing (within a handful of right answers)! Treat them accordingly, if you are getting these they you are close, do your best! I saw a few of these come up close together and I ended up passing in the next 10 questions. If you blow past these and don't give them the proper attention that they deserve you will be subjecting yourself to further torture by having it give you even more questions (in which case if you are to pass you will see more SATA).
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  6. by   Joe N635DC
    Dont focus so much on the "wall of text" or "get as many questions done as quickly as I can" studying methods. That wont really help you the way you think it will. Instead do questions and understand why the options are right/wrong with rationales before moving on. That is the way to do it in order to increase your critical thinking.

    P.S. - your pm folder is full and you cant get any more pm's, time to clear it out
  7. by   blynn9173
    Thanks. I am clearing it out now lol. Thanks for all your input. Just sit down here at the library to study. Here comes the questions.
  8. by   emilytoc
    I would do at least 50 questions a day up until the day before your exam. Good luck!
  9. by   Joe N635DC
    She takes it in about a week though. In my last week I was hitting 200-400 questions a day.
  10. by   emily1991
    I'm starting to revise for my test too, but I'm still confusing with the material.
    Do you think I should use paper books or electronic material?
  11. by   blynn9173
    I am doing at least 300 questions a day Tuesday. I have been using questions from NCLEX 4000 cd.
  12. by   bubblejet50
    I didn't study at all. I am a firm believer that if you don't know it by now you won't. My fellow classmates did 150-300 questions a day up until the test day. I know a few who would get psyched out and be overwhelmed and fail because of that. I recommend stop studying Sun or Mon to rest your brain and relax. Do something for yourself that is relaxing for you whether it be shopping, mani/pedi, going to a favorite restaurant, watching a movie, sewing, etc. that Monday or Tuesday morning if your test is in the afternoon. Most importantly remember that you need to be confident. In our school before every test starting first semester the mantra was "I WILL pass this test!" Good Luck!