Need some input, NCLEX next Tuesday 7/31/12 - page 2

Just wondering if anybody out there had any suggestions on how to spend these next six days studying. I need to pass this thing so bad. What do you think of the idea of just doing questions up until next Tuesday. What is the... Read More

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    I didn't study at all. I am a firm believer that if you don't know it by now you won't. My fellow classmates did 150-300 questions a day up until the test day. I know a few who would get psyched out and be overwhelmed and fail because of that. I recommend stop studying Sun or Mon to rest your brain and relax. Do something for yourself that is relaxing for you whether it be shopping, mani/pedi, going to a favorite restaurant, watching a movie, sewing, etc. that Monday or Tuesday morning if your test is in the afternoon. Most importantly remember that you need to be confident. In our school before every test starting first semester the mantra was "I WILL pass this test!" Good Luck!
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