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I have taken the NCLEX RN 4 times and failed. I have tried ATI, Kaplan review, Saunders, etc. Can any one get me any pointers. I am not giving up. Every one else I know has passed and I am happy for them but now it is my turn. I... Read More

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    I am in the same boat as you guys. I have failed my three times and getting ready to take it for the fourth time. I am so disgusted with taking it. I know we can do this! We just need to help each other get through this. Any tips you can send me I would appreciate it because I don't know what to do any more. I have used kaplan, hurst, and saunders. Nothing seems to be helping me at all. We can do this!

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    Hi i'm new to this site =) i was hoping if anyone could give me advice on review classes, i'm planning to take the excell nursing review here in cali in may . I would just like to get feedback on it if it was helpful and tips on what r good review books thanks so much =)
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    I have also taken nclex 3 times and failed and am fixing to take it again. I have done kaplan, hurst, saunders, and nclex 3500 now am really confused my result was all nearly passing so i really do not understand any one have anything to share please email it to me at i will really appreciate it.
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    hey guys Im actually new here, like some of you, I also failed the nclex thrice already and I feel so lost and I am becoming frustrated. I am a BSN grad batch 2009 and i took my frst nclex april of 2010. I used lipincott's nclex 4000 questions finished all 4000 and I attended a 2 day review here in NJ. I really felt confident going to the testing center and I actually felt good after taking the test. I was excited to go home to do the PVT to my dismay it lead me to to the cc. My world just crumbled since i really felt good about that exam. I took a month break to recover and found myself scheduling for another exam (2nd chance). Then again i failed (PVT trick again). It didn't hurt that much compared to the first one. I promised myself I'll be ready the 3rd time. I went to kaplan and even answered all the modules online and got a pretty high score 80 - 87%. My saunders book (4th edition) was just sitting in my chair and just decided to read it. Believe or not I finsihed the whole book and answered all the practice questions in every chapter! I told to myself there's no way i will fail this time. My exam was earlier this day march 30 and yes i really felt good about this exam. I even remember the majority of my questions. And yes i did the PVT and YES again it went to the cc page. <sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh>. I cant actually sleep right now thinking what did i do wrong and what else will i need to do. i feel so lost and i feel so stupid.

    So i actually know where you're coming from it just sucks cuz i really wanted to be a nurse and someday be a nurse practitioner. The other thing is that i'm the only who's not yet landing a permanent job. All my siblings are nurses (LPN) and im the only one who graduated w/a bachelors degree so u can imagine the pressure im dealing with since my mom is a Nursing supervisor and have been a nurse here in NJ for the past 20 years. My moms connections kept asking her if i passed so you see, I have a job waiting for me i just need my liscense.

    Anyone here from NJ? if u want lets form a study group since majority of you here had first hand exp how cruel nclex.
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    HI i really need some help im from NJ..
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    Quote from kmunnelly
    I tutor NCLEX prep. All of the students I tutored passed including repeat test takers and foreign students. Where do you live? Kathy
    hi im fron NJ and i really need some help to pass the nclex.
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    Quote from myAngel71
    i am in denver, colorado...

    good luck, you can do it. l graduated in 07 took my nclex 4x and passed so you can do it. l just took mine on 3/30/2011. and l passed so you can do it. l also live in dever,colorado
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    you're not alone.. same here... but i keep trying.. keep fighting for this coz i believe God will provide in the right time for now i start browsing my notes again and not thinking d past to make me more frustrated instead i diverted my mind into prayers.. which is helping me again to move my butt and keep going..
    WE can do this!! Good luck to us
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    Hello...maybe you are studying too hard. Don't think to hard about the question and go with your first gut. Use your ABC, nursing process,critical thinking, and your endings....for an example you might not know what something means but you know if it ends with itis its something to do with inflammation or if it ends with ectomy you know something got removed. Have some general idea with pharm and don't second your guess yourself. Also is this something you really want or something your family wants?
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    I don't know how much this will help but there goes.

    I used the NCLEX prep from my state's BON website and used Kaplan's study guide as back-up. Kaplan's answers give you some really great feedback about why the answer you picked may or may not be the BEST answer. That is the problem with the NCLEX...most answers are right, it is chosing the BEST answer. I'd recommend the other program for content learning. ABC's cannot be stressed enough. I think you have psyched yourself out by now.....Good luck!

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