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    Going through all the question banks right now. Scoring around 65%. I am so hoping doing all the questions will help me pass this test on Tuesday. I feel like the questions on this site are hard like NCLEX. Has anyone else use learning extension and felt like it really helped them pass NCLEX.
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    DO you repeat the test or your score is the first attempt. Ncbsn recommends 75 % but i depends on your knowledge.
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    I have been doing retakes on all the tests. I feel like the questions are really hard.
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    I have been doing these questions and scoring between 55-77%.

    Since there are only 20 questions per quiz I've heard these grades are acceptable. Good luck!
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    The q banks at the end of the modules have alot more questions. That is what I am going through now. Good Luck with your studying.
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    I'm doing ncsbn too.
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    do read the supplemental readings on NCSBN. it does help a lot. and also read la charity prioritization
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    I signed up this week. I hope it helps to pass my 2nd try of the exam!!

    Keep going : )
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    What's your scores % on each post exam ?
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    I did the NCSBN questions and found them to be more of a challenge compared to Kaplan and Saunders questions. I was scoring about 65% to start off and got around 75% as I went through the questions.I think you will be ready. I passed NCLEX with 75 questions last Tuesday..Just make sure you read and understand the rationales...that is the key. I used a combo of Saunders to review my content and NCSBN and Kaplan for the questions.
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